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  • Q&A: dumpster close to my house?

    Question by anything i want: dumpster close to my house?
    We moved to our new house (corner lot) everything is nice, but the only thing is that, right across from my house there is this wharehouse and they have 2 dumpsters, the dumpsters are not a problem, the wharehouse is not a problem, the problem is that most of their trash ends up in our yard making it look like crap!, also now they seem to have a lot of work that lately they been working ’till 1 AM and they have a forklift with smaller trashcans, drive to the dumpsters and make ALL KINDS OF NOISES!!!, (dumpster is about 30 to 40 feet from my house, across the street), THEN!!! about 5AM a huge! dump truck comes to empty them, and this is like a war zone for like 4 to 5 minutes, he picks them up and when he drops them to the ground…. IS SO LOUD!!!!, sometimes the house shakes, and off course i’m up too, the “beep, beep, beep” sound when he’s backing up, a super strong light too! and then he stands there to compact everything!, HELP! What can i do?
    Should i talk to them?, or the City?

    Best answer:

    Answer by lynda l
    get the name on the garbage truck… there is city, county regulations as to when garbage can be picked up… you’ve got to contact them and complaint…

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