Question by Jenna B: Where are the best places to go dumpster diving and when are the best times?

I’m in Canada, but there are Goodwill stores here too. Thank you very much!

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Answer by Dawn L
Are you in the US? Goodwill stores aren’t allowed to take in the stuff that’s left at their door while they’re closed, so it all ends up in the Dumpster. I would go when they’re closed but before it gets dark. I believe that for some stupid reason, actually taking the stuff from the door that they are going to throw out when they open is illegal, so be careful.

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2 Responses to Q&A: Where are the best places to go dumpster diving and when are the best times?

  1. PBnJelly_ says:

    A good idea is to check your local city website, to find out when the spring clean up days are.
    I know there are a few areas by me (rich people) where they throw out some AWESOME stuff (I almost fully furnished my first place by visiting this area :)

  2. Cherokee County says:

    The nice neighborhoods! Especially the afternoon or evening before their trash day. Back in the day, I found some really nice stuff to furnish my first apartment. White love seat, leather sofa, lamps, grill…shoot I even found a chain saw once. Make sure the items are at the curb. Do not enter into anyone’s yard. You can also try FreeCycle….it’s a way to find things you need, merely by asking for them. (Nothing can be bought, sold or traded. Only given away.) Have fun!
    P.S. Leave the ski mask at home. lol!