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  • Q&A: How do they calculate the size of a rental dumpster?

    Question by cgsliu: How do they calculate the size of a rental dumpster?
    I called up to rent a dumpster, and they told me they had a 10-yard dumpster that was 13′(L) x 8′(W) x 4′(H). How does that equal 10 yards?

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    Answer by bluemtnsmaninva
    It actually equals a 15.4 cubic yard capacity. Dumpsters are rented by their cubic yard capacity. 13′ x 8′ x 4′ = 416 cuft / 27 cuft = 15.4 cuyds. It is usually referred to as 10yd ( without the cubic designator ) dumpster to allow for 30% air space between coarse materials such as wood.

    IF you are planning on placing concrete, masonry, sand or dirt in the dumpster you need to let the rental company know. They will tell you how deep the material can be without getting over the weight limits and the capacity of their pick up vehicle.

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