Question by tex1988: How many 30 yard dumpsters will I need for (4) house demolitions?
30 yard dumpsters are needed for my housing demolition because of city ordinances. The listings below are the sqaure footage per home. How many 30 yard dumpster will I need for the demolition project? (This does not need to include basement removal because different size dumpsters need to be used for that project.

1st House:
1000 sq ft (8 ft high ceilings)
2nd House:
900 sq ft (8 ft high ceilings)
3rd House:
3300 sq ft (8 ft high ceilings)
4th House:
3000 sq ft (8 ft high ceilings)

How many 30yd dumpsters are needed to remove the total sqaure foot of all the homes?

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Answer by Tex
Well if houses were solid cubes this would be an easy home work problem to solve, however they are not so there is no way to figure how much will come from any house.

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