Question by Benji Bomb: how can I find someone to go dumpster diving with me?
I dont want to ask my friends cause I dont want them to feel pressured into doing it. I think it would be fun but I dont want to go alone. Any advice for how I could find someone to go with me?
Lol, thanks penguin. I live in Austin though.

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Answer by The Evil penguin :}
I’ll go with u its fun and u get free food ..just tossed out.. :)

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4 Responses to how can I find someone to go dumpster diving with me?

  1. Joanne says:

    Try advertising in the newspaper Personal ads, for someone who enjoys dumpster diving.

  2. Lexie P says:

    Just ask, it’s not a big deal. If they want to go they will, if not, ask someone else.

    and why is this is the vegetarian & vegan section?

  3. Jessica says:

    heck i would go with mans trash is another mans treasure..
    i get the bagels from dunkin donuts all the time..and if you know people on the inside you dont even have to take them from the trash..
    and i have been seen on many occasions walking down the road with things from the neighbors trash..
    there is nothing wrong with dumpster diving, trash picking or whatever.

  4. Steveo says:

    Head down to skid row. The bums, (excuse me homless,) will join you