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  • Protein Drinks

    Recovered 3 huge tins of protein drinks from a local store. New, intact, thrown out because the customer found the taste distasteful. My husband and I tried all three and they’re perfectly fine.

    I’m not a big fan of protein after workout drinks. I think you only really need them if you’re a triathelete OR someone who’s in professional sports and needs the electrolytes.

     Anything could happen in our economy. An EMP, major weather problems, ie hurricane or tornado and the food shelves could empty overnight.

    If we have to conserve food, I can use those protein drinks as a meal replacement. Ideally we would eat a big breakfast and then use the protein drinks for lunch and dinner. It wouldn’t be the most palatable but you’d stay alive.

    Protein is an important part of our diet if there is very little food. You could live off of protein drinks and a small portion of food. So if you find protein drinks in the trash or on clearance in the store, buy them, now.

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