The official video for Castledoor’s song “Dumpster Diving.” From the ‘Til We Sink EP. Directed by Seth and Bobby:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Ahh, what a great day, I just planned to go out to take out the trash and I came across this, hope you enjoy
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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37 Responses to Castledoor “Dumpster Diving”

  1. SARASOTAFilms says:

    You too Gabriel!

  2. SARASOTAFilms says:

    Ok Nate enough fartin around…time to get back to Christian music!

  3. vinceraptor says:

    Dumpster diving is a good thing. And they are a pretty decent band. Ive never heard of them before but still not bad :)

  4. HaLeY743 says:

    oh my goshh!! Nate looks unrecognizable!

  5. moisesromo says:

    @geldofpunk32 its really funny to see them now. they look way different.

  6. geldofpunk32 says:

    Haha, these guys used to be called Plus One and they made N*Sync type boy band music. This is an infinite improvement.

  7. NathanSpellman says:

    I wonder if this song is really as deep as I feel it is…
    I sing soooo much like nate, you’d be impressed :)

  8. PurpleClothing says:

    So sad these guys broke up! All well, they all moved on to some pretty great projects, but I will always love Castledoor!

  9. Genevieve1712 says:

    Fuck!!!! This song is BEYOND AMAZING!!

  10. MrMichaelkol says:


  11. earlybecomings says:

    lol wut the jobros listen to this? crazy.

  12. DeusExMachina702 says:

    Who remembers these guys on BUTR?

  13. ChristinaDinetti says:

    I love this band and this song. I’ve always been a huge fan of Nate Cole and Gabe combs

  14. teelafpiya says:

    brandon schwartzel <3

  15. chaoslord460 says:

    wicked find man. Good for you. Cultural archiolagy at it’s best.

  16. MrCensorman says:

    im going dumpster diving tonight : )

  17. jschmidty says:

    Dude, you have a lot of shit in your apartment.

  18. McFagle01 says:

    Who throws all of that away! D:

  19. strikergamer666 says:

    That is amazing to find a dreamcast IN A DUMPSTER!! hahaa

  20. DarkWhiteBlack says:

    me and my neighbor found a n64 with two controllers and pac man collection in good condition, but it was filled with roaches!!!

  21. ExtremeBogom says:

    I must confess to finding a fair few adult magazines via dumpsters in my early teens.

    You know what they say: One man’s junk is another man’s treasure…

  22. MrCheers90 says:

    Great find dude ,why would anybody throw away a dreamcast

  23. SomaAkaruz says:

    you lucky mother fucker man, that is a find and a half.
    mean that in a nice way :P

  24. aliceboyblue says:

    Lol..he is really happy to have found that…lol.. but cool.. .
    I want to dumpster dive.

  25. angelmeansblubber says:

    i love ur vids im subbing

  26. 1310gamer says:


  27. MrJtorg says:

    Jesus those Saturn arcade sticks… DAMMMN YOUUU!

  28. illustriouschin says:

    You and Dumpster Man should be friends so you can get game stuff before it gets rained on.

  29. salzmedia says:

    Thats very cool.

  30. 000TheGamingZone000 says:

    That’s incredible!!! Awesome find!!!

  31. SeberHusky says:

    Check out what I’ve picked at my campground:


  32. LpJunior537 says:

    @redknight802 or mother

  33. turkeyleg987 says:

    lucky ho

  34. redknight802 says:

    @vmcvkycb Never let a wife or gf throw away your stuff even though she doesnt like it.

  35. zigsauer says:


  36. thesupergamer85 says:

    lol thats like a freakin crazy dream

  37. yell3232 says:

    it,s possible, i was throwing out garbage one day and saw a bunch of cd’s and dvd cases, no one was around so i jumped in and stacked them on the edge then jumped out. it was a bunch of hip-hop, r&b cd’s and action movies all pretty new. like some girl threw her ex boyfriends stuff out. i gave away whatever i didnt like.

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