Question by lyss_terine: What are the legalities for Dumpster Diving in Windsor, Ontario, Canada?
If anyone knows, please don’t hesitate to answer.

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Answer by Niklove90
Oh my god. Ahhhahahahahahahahaha I wish I could help you, man.

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2 Responses to What are the legalities for Dumpster Diving in Windsor, Ontario, Canada?

  1. Richard Guenette says:

    What is dumpster diving?

  2. doitnowadvice says:

    oh my god, listen to these people above me.

    who cares if it’s legal? if you really want to know, go through windsor bylaws and look for things about ‘binning’, ‘refuse scavenging’, or other jargon words that sound like ‘dumpster diving’. at the most you’ll get told to leave a place, maybe get a ticket or arrested briefly if the cop is in a really bad mood.

    a surprising amount of people don’t care that you’re going through their trash so long as you keep the place clean (by dumpster standards.)

    but sometimes people lock their dumpsters, put them behind gates, stick cameras on them, or pour bleach on their food to deter you. that sucks of them. in all my years, i have been harassed MAYBE two or three times by security officials, who just tell you to ‘move along’.

    for newbies (which i don’t think the querent is):
    wear gloves
    use common sense
    (don’t dumpster meat, wash everything you take, cook any produce, check for package-breakage on processed foods, etc.)
    carry a flashlight
    save some for other people
    and be nice to other binners.

    diving has a huge stigma, but people are fools.
    broke college kids have been surviving on dumpster food for generations.

    if you’ve got a healthy immune system and you’re not stupid about it (if it stinks or tastes bad don’t eat it), this is a great way to find food when you’re broke.