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  • I want to start dumpster diving for food…anyone out there care to share some tips/advice?

    Question by freeyurmind22: I want to start dumpster diving for food…anyone out there care to share some tips/advice?

    I can see how my original question may have seemed like a joke, but I’m serious. I don’t “need” to dumpster dive, I want to do it as a personal choice to tread lighter on the earth and to make a point about all the perfectly edible food our country wastes. I was mainly looking for serious responses…from people who have dumpster dived (or know people who do)

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    Answer by Jonsey
    ugh!!! erm yeh my advice would be…… DONT DO IT!

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    13 Responses to “I want to start dumpster diving for food…anyone out there care to share some tips/advice?”

    1. The drier, the better. Also, the closer to the top is freshest. Go for breads and sweets which don’t decompose as easily. Check around krispy creme shops In early morning when the bakers come and throw out the old bits. If it’s black or fuzzy, don’t eat it!

    2. and behind grocery stores, they throw out stuff that just expired, but often stuff is still good. like me and my friends found a big thing of gatorades that just expired but still good.

    3. You know this is actually a life style in large cities in the East Coast of America, where the alleys make it more likely to gain access to the food in a dumber without being detected by the management of the establishment. It started as a part of Freeganism … it’s really quite interesting.

      Anyway, from what I understand they like to stick with smaller markets, and they like to be really careful with the food, so you would wash produce and things like that. It’s a great source for Bananas, as stores throw them out when they show any kind of brown spotting.

    4. On the slim chance that this isn’t a joke:

      I would exhaust all other possibilites for food (public assistance, soup kitchens, etc) before resorting to this. Considering how many people get sick from food poisoning due to the preparers not washing their hands after using the restroom, imagine what can happen by eating food that’s in the trash, even if it is ‘freshly’ disposed of. You’d be better off contacting restaurants to see if they can give you the unserved food instead of trashing it (though I hear a lot of places already donate it to soup kitchens).

      If you have the ability to purchase food but are looking for a way to cut corners, just be more sensible with your food dollar.

    5. I used to work for Darigold in Eugene, Oregon and the outdated ice cream was thrown into the dumpster. The hippies came and picked it out, took it home and refroze it and they said it was good.

      If I were to do that, I would ask around at restaurants that have buffets that close at night. They have to throw out all the uneaten food. I saw an employee at a truck stop bring out a fresh ham about 20 minutes before closing because all the ham was gone. I don’t think even one serving of that 10 pound ham was eaten. The ham went into the garbage.

      A few days ago, I saw a huge bag of lettuce in the dumpster behind a restaurant. It was a little brown, but it was still edible. I think I would ask around at restaurants, catch employees on cigarette breaks and ask them when the food gets tossed out. You may get lucky and hit the motherlode! Maybe make friends with someone who puts the food in a bag and sets it out at a certain time for you to dive in and retrieve!

      Watch the short video on this page. It makes you think. I ain’t gonna eat garbage any time soon, but if I had to, I would.

    6. In my younger days I spent some time as a hobo, more as an adventure than out of need. We rode trains and lived rough-but there were some who had no choice. On several occasions we talked to a fast food employee and they will usually agree to give you the food that was to be thrown away (one guy purposely mixed coffee grounds in). If you are serious try this-if you are not serious, shame on you for making light of other’s misfortune.

    7. Start at the top, it’s fresher. Take your dog with you. If he or she sniffs it and walks away, don’t eat it.