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  • Dumpster Divers Spark Palin Probe

    Some documents fished out of a California state university trash bin have sparked a state investigation into finances surrounding an upcoming speech by Sarah Palin at the school. (April 14)

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    22 Responses to “Dumpster Divers Spark Palin Probe”

    1. I’m not surprised with the greed that woman has, while making nothing but fancy dream time speeches and scapegoating as if getting rid of certain people is going to magically solve everything while being just as corrupted or more.

    2. I just got a job. YAYAY.
      My new job is to visit all the campuses of the University of California and salt the dumpsters there with shredded materials that reveal various aspects of Sarah Palin’s speaking engagements. I will also distribute data from global warming research that was withheld from the public during the run up to AlGore’s movie.

    3. Good one Sarah. Sarah owns the Orlando Dumpster rental company and has had this vide3o up for waaaaay too long. Nice to have connections in influential places I guess. Like Youtube.

    4. @hemisboats

      a quick google came up with the figure of about 100k.
      bush can net up to 150k per engagement.

      i honestly don’t really care i have yet to hear any public figure say anything that i am willing to pay to hear. if i want to pay money to hear bull shit i go listen to comedians.

    5. The liberals are scared shitless! LOL let us get some documents on Al Gore and his speaking engagement fees and we will go to a separate room and talk about it.

      They are dogs chasing their own tail!

    6. @platonicbomb

      I don’t “believe” in any media whores…be they on the lefty wingnut side (like the lefty wingnut dumpster divers) or the right wingnut side.

    7. @FredFoothand

      I can’t help noticing that you didn’t say she is any LESS fraudulent than a lefty wingnut media whore. Are we really disagreeing about anything? If you’re a true Palin believer, that’s fine, but in that case our brains don’t process information the same way and we don’t have anything to talk about until they do.

    8. @FredFoothand
      I use “we” in a different sense from the one you are taking me to mean. And my point stands. If you didn’t get the point, that’s OK, because I didn’t explain myself, so let me know if you want to understand what I meant and I will explain.

    9. 100k to listen to some idiotically out of touch housewife from alaska drone on and on about shooting moose and how russia is too close to alaska, yeah good deal hurr hurr

    10. Wow this is not news. I really think we have more to think about right now. Sara Palin is the least of my worries right now. This is another attempt to pass the buck. People really hate this women. I dont care as long as she is not president. Im still trying to figure out how this is actually damaging to Palin.

    11. Dumpster divers are trashy bums. Super Sarah Palin is a celebrity who commands a high price for public appearances. Her requests & “perks” are quite modest & reasonable.

    12. @warningfireexit

      Yep, they were just searching around in the dumpsters there, as is their wont, and accidentally stumbled upon this shredded material that they painstakingly put back to together. The damaging part of the knowledge gained from these shredded documents is, ah, er, uh, ah,.,,,,,,, er us what?

    13. Palin is a shady bitch. Fuck Palin.

      You think the fucking students knew what they would find before they found it? Fuck no. Just a bunch of curious student activists who stumbled upon something.