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    It is no secret that mankind can do a lot better by taking care of the environment. It takes a number of trees to make paper that simply gets thrown away. It is one of the most disheartening concepts. Instead, it is important for every household to get into the regular habit of reducing waste. If you have a large amount of household items to throw out contact Same Day Dumpster for a dumpster rental.

    1. Reusable bags
    reusable-shopping-bagsDepending on the size of the family, grocery shopping can be an arduous and time-consuming task. For some, it’s hard enough to remember all the items on the grocery list. Packing reusable tote bags may seem like an added chore. However, it is worth remembering. In fact, there are many counties in various states that have already begun the $0.05 bag tax. Remembering to pack those grocery tote bags can also save money in the short-term as well as long-term. One of the most important things to remember about reusable bags is that they prevent the need for plastic bag usage. People often fail to recycle plastic or paper bags and just throw them in the trash. It is much more beneficial to a person’s wallet and the environment to go green and opt for the reusable bags instead.

    2. Water filters
    Purchasing in bulk is a very good thing. However, many people like to purchase their water bottles in bulk. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon to find tons of water bottles in the trash can instead of the recycling bin. Bottles in bulk always count to at least 24 bottles. Imagine wasting 25-75 bottles within one family per week? The costs add up and it’s not the smartest way to approach waste elimination. Instead, consider purchasing a water filter jug. These jugs are much lighter than carrying a 24 pack of water inside the house. A water filter jug is easy to fill up at the sink. A water filter jug is also great because it can be used many times before the filter should be discarded. The water filter jug is the perfect way to reduce waste significantly, save money and energy as well. Most water filter jugs can be found at any grocery store right next to the bottled water.

    3. Item donation.
    So many times, people love to hold on to clothes they hope to fit back into one day. Here is the new rule. If the clothes have been hanging in the closet for the past year unworn, get rid of them. There is no use for the outfit and a year is enough time to lose a significant amount of weight and fit into old clothes. If no progress has been made in that department, give it up. There’s also a growing trend among women looking to declutter their closets. Many women are becoming fans of the capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is comprised of a few key pieces to make up an entire wardrobe. The pieces are mixed and matched. Oftentimes, there are no more than fifty pieces in a woman’s capsule wardrobe. Many families are taking on this concept as well. It decreases the amount of laundry to be done and it also reduces the amount of clothing going to waste and taking up space in the home.

    junk-mail4. Junk mail
    Within one household, it’s not unusual to see three or family members with their own iPad. Even babies and toddlers are becoming well-versed in the inner workings of the digital technology. Knowing this, there is no reason why people should be still receiving massive amounts of mail every day. Bills, notifications and newsletters can all be delivered online. There are very few companies that don’t have a paperless option nowadays. The junk mail ends up going to the trash can or piling up on the countertop. Not only is the visually unappealing, it is also discouraging to wade through all the mail to see what’s important and what’s not. Skip this painful process by going online and opting for paperless bills and notifications through email. This will also prevent the company from wasting more money in printing expenses.

    After decluttering and getting rid of what’s unnecessary in the space, there still might be some things that just can’t be recycled and need to be thrown away instead. In a case like this, a good option to choose involves Same Day Dumpsters. This is a quick and efficient route to take in order to get rid of unnecessary clutter. By following all of these steps, waste will be kept to a minimum and items will be used effectively.

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