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  • The Consequences of Illegal Dumping in America

    It is always sad to see unused household items and excessive trash collecting on the side of a road. When you see this rubbish in a natural area, the feeling of sadness can turn into grief. Illegal dumping is an uncontrollable problem that had a negative impact on America’s environment for many years. As time goes on, the problem seems to spread and the solutions presented by authoritative figures seem ineffective.

    To visualize the amount of trash lying in the street, you just need to do a simple math problem. One ton is two thousand pounds, and two thousand pounds of waste is pretty intolerable. According to — the non-profit waste removal organization — nearly 20 million tons of waste are added to the seas and oceans each year. If 2000 pounds of waste is intolerable, 20 million tons is a shameful situation with dreadful consequences.

    Sadly, the modern-day human seems unfazed by the environmental consequences of illegal dumping in the nation. The self-absorbed culture coupled with the busy working lifestyle placed a barrier between the citizens and their habitat. This is quite illegal trash dumpingironic because the majority of trash may actually come from self-absorbed unaware individuals. Since this careless attitude seems to be the norm in America, bureaucrats decided to criminalize unauthorized dumping so citizens would care.

    Penalties for Illegal Dumping
    Things that may seem harmless, like tossing hubcaps and chairs on the edge of the road, are actually offenses that can lead you into a courtroom. Each municipality has a different set of rules, but penalties can swing from simple fines to actual jail time. If you are not a societal nuisance, you could receive a $50 fine or a few days in community service. If the opposite is true, you could be facing time behind bars and hefty financial penalties.

    If you live in New Jersey or Georgia, you may want to think twice about dumping any item illegally. New Jersey has an initiative to preserve their open spaces, so they are very strict on ordinance offenders. They set up surveillance cameras around popular dump sites to catch perpetrators in action. Anyone caught dumping items illegally may have to pay a fine of up to $50,000.

    Fines for Georgia may not exceed $25.000, but you can spend up to two years behind bars. This municipality separates the penalties for littering and dumping by using strict weight regulations. Littering carries a lighter punishment because it generally involves small quantities of waste. However, littering can become a major deal if a person tosses trash out of a car or hi-rise window.

    Health Risks 
    Too much waste piled in any particular area can pose serious health risks to the people living in the vicinity. The smell from rotting trash can pollute the air and infect an individual’s respiratory system. When there are empty paint cans and solvent bottles in the pile, the issue can literally go from bad to worse. These chemicals can make you sick when they are fresh, so who knows what type of illness they can cause as they are spoiling.

    Pungent solvents may produce toxic fumes and acidic liquids that contaminate the soil and air. These liquids may also seep into the lakes and streams that supply our water reservoirs and tanks. There is actually a negative domino effect that can transpire from illegal dumping. One small pile may not hurt anyone, but one million small piles can be detrimental to our safety.

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    How to Dispose Responsibly
    If you need to throw away large items, find a designated dumping facility in your area. You may need to pay a small fee, but you will be handing your refuse to an establishment with efficient disposal solutions. You can also hire a junk removal company or trash hauler if you cannot find a facility close to your home. Most haulers have minimum disposal fees, and they may charge even more if you want to discard large appliances and electronics.

    You can avoid all problems and potential pitfalls by renting a dumpster from It is an environmentally-sound solution that will allow you to dispose your trash in a safe legal manner. We have a variety of sizes and shapes that you can choose for your particular needs. Our representatives are eager to speak with you, so give us a call and secure your rental today.

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