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  • Top Spring Home Improvement Projects

    Spring is finally here and all around the country, people are starting to get excited about the warmer months ahead. There is something about watching flowers bloom and the trees start to get full that makes us want to do something new with ourselves. This often comes in the form of spring home improvement projects and spring cleaning. It can make you feel so good to accomplish something new for your home, even if it is a tiny project, that will make you excited for the coming months ahead. If you would love to do something new for your home but aren’t quite sure what that is, here are a few DIY home improvement ideas:

    cleaning closet1. Closet: Does looking into your closet make you cringe just a little bit? If so, it might be time to either reorganize or completely redo one of the most important, yet underrated, spaces in your home. It can be easy to disregard your closet when there are so many other things to think about during the week. But if you keep losing your favorite pieces in your closet, only to find them months later, it is time to make a change. Visiting your local home renovation store can give you ideas for completely a complete revamp on your closet, or even just how to organize the one you already have a little better.

    2. Paint: Sometimes a fresh paint of coat is just what you need to spruce up a room in your home. Whether the current coat is looking a little dingy or you are thinking of changing the color altogether, that can make a huge difference in how you see your home. Not committed to a complete color change? Try an accent wall, which is when you paint just one wall in a room. This brings interest to the room and can help you accent certain pieces of furniture or artwork within that room and bring it some new life. It is an easy project that can easily be accomplished in one day, either by yourself or with someone else.

    3. Lawn: If you are like many people, you have been saying for years that you would really like to spruce up your lawn. Yet whenever you think about starting a lawn project, it just seems to be too overwhelming and you make up an excuse for yourself. Well, it is time to stop making excuses and make your lawn beautiful! You can start small by adding a few flower beds, or do a complete overhaul and add shrubbery, a gazebo, and a few garden gnomes. When you are doing a major lawn project, however, you can have lots of extra soil, roots, rocks and other garbage that won’t fit into your garbage bins. For larger lawn DIY projects, it is recommended to rent a small dumpster to make cleaning up a little easier.

    how-to-clean-gutters4. Gutters: Did you know that dirty gutters can actually be a home liability? The purpose of gutters is to help drive water away from your home, keeping it in tip-top shape. If your gutters are dirty, you could find yourself having water damage, leaky roofs, and a host of other costly problems. It is important to take the time to clean out your gutters every year, preferably several times each year depending on rainfall and how many trees you have on or near your property.

    No matter what type of spring improvement project you plan this year, a small project can turn into a huge disaster if you don’t have a plan in place for cleaning up after your project is complete. From small DIY projects to major overhauls, Same Day Dumpsters offer a range of sizes and prices to fit your home renovation needs.

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