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  • Why You Should Share Rental Dumpsters With Your Neighbors

    PageLines- Same-Day-Dumpsters-New-Construction.jpgEverybody has used dumpsters rental in their life, and everybody at one point or another has learned that sharing is a good thing. The only problem with sharing is that sometimes sharing benefits one person over the other, and one person is left with a raw deal. Not so with cars, homes, or dumpsters. With our ever growing population, it only makes sense to share a dumpster with your neighbors. Below are several reasons why you need to share a dumpster.


    Savings may be the most obvious reason to share a dumpster, but that doesn’t make it any less relevant. It doesn’t matter how many or how few people are using a dumpster – the cost always remains the same. Renting a dumpster can cost several hundred dollars so it only makes sense to split that cost with as many people as you see fit.

    Just be sure to designate a responsible party to pay the bill, and you can pay that party your share of the bill. You may even have your HOA(Home Owner’s Association) pay the bill since the utilization of dumpster can be part of a community event.

    Meet Your Neighbors

    A large portion of people in the United States have no idea who their neighbors are. What better way to get to know your neighbors than to talk to them about sharing a dumpster. You never know when you may need to contact them for help, or better yet, you may find a new best friend. People that just moved to your community make great prospects to share a dumpster with. Newcomers always have a plethora of boxes and other items that they need to throw away.


    When you have neighborhood events like BBQs or garage sales, it’s great to have a community dumpster at your disposal. Or maybe a few days a year you and all your neighbors clean out your sheds or garages. It’s much more convenient and economical to have a dumpster that everybody shares, than to shell out a bunch of cash for your own personal dumpster.

    Bettering The Community

    This is similar to the point made above, but having a day or two a year where the entire community cleans up clutter on the streets and around their house to make the area a nicer place is a welcome addition. You can throw almost anything into a dumpster, besides hazardous waste materials, and having a dumpster on hand is great for getting rid of landscape debris. Sharing a dumpster is also a solid way to incentivize people to clean up more often while simultaneously increasing the value of their homes and communities.

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    Who Should You Rent A Dumpster From?

    Same Day Dumpsters is a great company to handle all your dumpster rental needs. Maybe you need a dumpster for concrete or asphalt, or maybe a dumpster for brush or soil? Same Day Dumpsters has dumpsters for all these materials and are available in various sizes. Same Day Dumpsters has services available nationwide with more locations than competing services. The prices are the best around, and they have quick turnaround times to ensure you have your dumpster the same day you need it. For more information contact Same Day Dumpsters at 1-877-883-1803.

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