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  • How to Dispose of Construction Waste

    Construction projects will doubtlessly leave behind a great deal of waste. After you have finished the project and cleaned the site, how do you address all the debris leftover? In general, a lot of construction waste means bulky and too heavy to lift. In addition, they cause environmental harm, so removing construction waste becomes an environmental responsibility. What can you do to protect yourself? First, rent a dumpster and hire a company like Same Day Dumpsters to empty the construction waste for you.
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    During the lifetime of the construction project, you can fill the dumpster as you go along. Nevertheless, there are hazardous materials that you should not throw into the garbage:

    • Oils
    • Batteries
    • Paint
    • Aerosol Cans
    • Asbestos
    • Appliances
    • Chemical Products

    With these materials, you will want to contact your local waste management authority because the local area will often have specific guidelines for disposing of the waste.

    Don’t Forget to Recycle!

    Believe it or not, a lot of the construction waste that we see can easily be recycled so that the rotting debris does not fill the landfills for many years to come. The process will vary based on location, but the majority of landfills have employees who look through the dumpster upon arrival. They will salvage the materials that can be recycled. The recyclable materials include:

    • Paper
    • Dirt/Sand/Rock
    • Crushed Concrete
    • Clean Wood
    • Inerts
    • Plastics
    • Cardboard

    Construction companies concerned about the process of recycling should contact their local dumpster company. That company will be up to par on the latest guidelines and practices for disposing of construction items. To search for local recycling resources, you can use Earth 911. It will give you a better idea about the resources available in your area.

    Reducing Environmental Impact through Planning

    PageLines- Same-Day-Dumpsters-Recycling.jpgConstruction, demolition and remodeling can create enormous levels of waste, and according to the Environmental Protection Agency, they conducted a study and found that the total construction waste generated in 2010 added up to more than 31 million tons. Major kitchen renovations accounted for around 60 pounds of debris for every square foot, and it totaled around five tons. People who conducted a complete house remodeling piled up around 13 tons of construction waste, and when you think about it, that’s a lot of waste that goes to the landfill.

    If you will succeed with a greener construction project, you have to give it careful planning about how you will address the leftovers. In many cases, waste control will take more time and effort than what it does money. Here are some steps to lower the amount of waste.

    Step One: Plan Ahead

    Before even starting, look at how you can prevent waste. Design your construction project so that you maximize the space. Work closely with the designer, architect and builder for maximizing your existing features. Look at the light fixtures, cabinets and sinks that could be recycled. Also, designate boxes for specific items that you plan to recycle. Some of the recyclable materials include:

    • Steel
    • Copper Pipe
    • Wallboard
    • Aluminum

    Step Two: Reusable Materials

    Reusing will be a lot more efficient than recycling, but the key is identifying the things that you can recycle and what to reuse. You can donate or sell some of the items locally as a more environmentally friendly solution. Selling used items becomes more eco-friendly than if every person bought new. You can also repurpose or reuse items on site, but many times people want an upgrade, so they do not want to take this route.

    In the final step, you recycle as much as you can. Aluminum, glass, plastic and steel can all be scrapped and recycled. Renting from Same Day Dumpsters gives you a method of handling your trash on site and having another company come in to take care of the burden of the construction waste. One of the benefits of hiring Same Day Dumpsters is that we handle the trash, and after it has been taken away, you have a clean looking site that sparkles like new.

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