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  • When Is A Good Time To Clean Out Your Waste?

    Have you ever noticed that your junk drawer eventually moves out of one drawer and then into the next one. Pretty soon, you have to start putting stuff in boxes in your closets. You forget about said stuff until finally your house seems like it’s overflowing with stuff. Then, you have the job of going through it and getting rid of it. And if you’re honest with yourself, most of the items you cling to are really only fit for the trash. Ugh.

    If you’ve come to that point, it’s time to get honest with yourself. You will likely need help getting rid of all of the junk you’ve accumulated, but you may not be sure where to start. You can also rent a dumpster for a day! This blog post is to offer you some suggestions if you are even considering hiring this job out. In other words, these are some things you want to think about if you plan on hiring a company like Same Day Dumpsters to help you.


    Your Time is Worth Money

    time is moneyLet’s face it. If you could afford to take a bunch of time off to get rid of your junk-drawer-turned-closet-turned-spare room, you would have done it by now. But you’re already busy with work and your kids and family activities. By hiring a waste removal company, you free up your time to spend with your kids or to work on getting that promotion at work.

    And truth be told, the process is probably going to go a lot more quickly than if you’d have done it yourself. Waste removal professionals do this for a living. They know all you need to know about getting rid of stuff, making the whole process a lot faster.

    Wear and Tear on Your Car

    Unless you have a three-quarter-ton truck, you probably don’t have the right vehicle to haul the big items. That couch circa 1979 Salvation Army that you’ve had since college. Yeah. That’s not going to fit into your car. What about that above-ground pool that looked great in the backyard of your last house. Nope. Not a candidate for your car, either. You are better off hiring a company that has the right equipment to remove all of that stuff.

    While the initial out-pay of cash required to hire this job out may make you balk, please remember that multiple trips to the dump cost money in gas, wear and tear on your car, can ruin your upholstery, may cause unforeseen damages and accidents due to using your car in ways it wasn’t intended, and a slew of other things you haven’t thought of.

    All of this said, we get that you may need a place to put stuff as you sort through it. We can provide you with a dumpster that will allow you to throw out some of the stuff as you move through it.

    Your Safety

    A waste-removal company with professional workers has, well, professional workers. This means that they’ve been trained to lift heavy items the proper way, have the proper equipment to deal with potentially harmful waste like glass or chemicals, and other skills you haven’t thought about.

    We know it sounds icky to have someone else deal with this sort of thing, but trust us. We want to help you, and you’ll be glad once the process is over that you have no injuries to report. It can sometimes mean the difference between you having peace of mind and you needing to recover after a moving injury and missing work because of it.

    The Environment Will Thank You!

    You may not think about what to do with your glass, your worn-out tires, those old cardboard boxes, and your leftover printer paper, but we know exactly what to do with it. Give us your junk, and we’ll make sure that it gets recycled in the right way.

    No Hidden Costs

    We do waste removal day in and day out. We have relationships with the local dumps and can get things at better prices, so it costs us (and therefore, you) less.

    Your fees to us will include:

    • Trips to the dump
    • Gas and insurance for our vehicle
    • Drop off costs
    • The cost of your dumpster (should you need one)
    • And other hidden fees that you don’t think about, because you’re not in the dumping business.

    When we quote you a prices, you can be sure we’ll come pretty close to the mark.

    To get a waste removal quote, contact us today to talk about what you want to get rid of and to find out about how much it’ll cost.

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