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  • Consequences of Illegal Dumping and Littering

    Each state government has a department responsible for dealing with illegal dumping, littering and everything that goes with it. In Illinois, the state’s Environmental Protection Agency deals with the proper disposal of all waste including medical sharps, electronic waste, recycling and more. It’s important people understand that illegal littering and dumping significantly harms the quality of life for individuals living near an illegal dump site area. If you are pro-environment, check out Same Day Dumpsters and their dumpster rental prices. Everything from used tires to garbage, dangerous chemicals and more are a threat to the health and well-being of residents.

    Environmental and Health Risks

    The danger presented by illegal dumping is very real. It is a serious threat to the environment and public health. There have been cases of people contacting everything from Dengue fever to encephalitis from mosquitoes that carry such diseases. These insects thrive at illegal dump sites and are more numerous in areas where old tires are present. When dangerous materials are illegally dumped, they pose a serious fire risk. There have been cases of spontaneous combustion occurring. Drainage problems have also been caused by illegal dumping. It has caused extreme erosion as well as flooding. Illegal dumping has also been the cause of chemicals contaminating surface water, wells and more.

    Open Dumps

    There are locations with abandoned piles of garbage and other waste. This could consist of bags of yard waste, old tires, lumber, broken appliances, pipes, asbestos and more. This is considered an open dump. They are a threat to wildlife, human health as well as the environment. There are several open dumps located within Illinois. It is illegal to dump items at the bottom of ravines, empty lots, in the woods off of roadsides and more. It’s important people realize that an open dump is considered an illegal waste disposal site. It should never be associated with a legal solid waste landfill or recycling facility operating with all the necessary permits. If an open dump is permitted to exist, it will often become larger. In time, it will attract dumping large amounts of solid waste products but also can attract hazardous waste products.


    The costs associated with the prevention of illegal dumping can involve paying for the placement of video cameras in strategic areas used for illegal dumping. It may also involve creating and providing outreach programs for the community. This could be placing important information on the websites of cities or schools. Brochures can be created and made available at a city’s chamber of commerce or from its department of health. Public service announcements can also be created to show the harm caused by illegal dumping. In Illinois, the EPA provides legal and technical assistance to help law enforcement when it comes to prosecuting acts of illegal dumping. There is a state-wide effort in Illinois to prevent all forms of illegal dumping. The focus is to prevent small dumping incidences from becoming something larger and a threat to public health. The success of these efforts depends on the local environmental enforcement agencies providing important information.

    Cleanup Costs

    The amount of money required to properly clean up an illegal dumping area could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is usually paid by the taxpayers. Some illegal dumps can be cleaned using labor from community organizations as well as other volunteers. Local governmental agencies or local businesses can provide the equipment necessary for the cleanup. Many communities will combine cleaning up illegal dumps with Earth Day. Events that involve collection activities increase the awareness as well as visibility of illegal dumping. Cleanup events can decrease the amount of money required by local governments to eliminate an illegal dump.


    Same Day Dumpster

    One of the most effective ways to prevent illegal dumping is by renting a dumpster. This is an effective way to safely dispose of debris resulting from large cleaning projects to construction projects and more. It can be a challenge to determine the amount of debris that will be created by a project. Professionals at Same Day Dumpster will have the knowledge and experience to help give an accurate estimation. Once the amount of debris is estimated, the size and number of dumpsters can be determined. Once a price has been quoted, then delivery can be scheduled. Once the dumpsters are filled, they will be taken away by a Same Day Dumpster to a legal landfill or transfer station.

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