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    How to much to rent a dumpster for a day? From soda to canned vegetables to pet food, most of us use a whole lot of aluminum. In fact, Americans buy over 100 billion aluminum cans a year. Just over half of these end up in the trash, instead of the recycling bin. Since the aluminum industry produces toxic gases that contribute to smog and acid rain, as well as caustic runoff that can poison water sources, it might come as a surprise that aluminum is one of the most sustainable forms of packaging in current use.

    Various Dumpster Sizes for RentAluminum is highly recyclable, and can be reprocessed over and over without the material degrading. Unlike other materials, there is no limit to the number of times it can be recycled. Almost 75% of the aluminum first produced in the early 20th century is still in use today! The recycling process is also fast and energy efficient, and a recycled can may find its way back into stores in as little as two months. Recycling a single aluminum can saves a significant amount of electricity, too- enough to power a small appliance for several hours. And it’s not just aluminum food packaging that can be recycled. Siding from houses, disposable baking trays, automotive products, and foil can all be reprocessed for use as new products. For these reasons, many manufacturers are switching to aluminum packaging instead of costly, non-renewable resources such as plastic and glass.

    When contrasted with the cost of making new aluminum packaging, it’s quite easy to see why recycling is preferable. The recycling process is cost-effective, and significantly reduces toxic emissions from mining and smelting procedures. Bauxite ore is required to make new aluminum, and the residue from bauxite mining is both toxic and costly to clean up. The sustainable nature of aluminum recycling makes it a prime area for job growth, and the industry is growing rapidly, providing thousands of individuals with employment. It may even help the consumer earn a little extra cash: certain states offer refundable deposits on aluminum drink cans that are brought in for recycling. It seems obvious: recycling aluminum products is the best course of action for anyone concerned about sustainability and environmental issues.

    So why don’t more people recycle their aluminum waste? Since recycling involves sorting the aluminum from other refuse, some individuals may feel that it’s too time consuming to be worthwhile. In reality, sorting recyclables takes only a few minutes, especially if you have separate, designated bins for trash and recyclables. To minimize odors and insects, be sure to rinse your cans before placing them in the bin. While some cities require residents to bring their recyclable materials to a recycling center, others offer curbside services along with regular trash collection, and may even provide recycling bins free of charge. Check with your local public works department to see what options are available to you. You may even be able to

    What happens if you find yourself with a whole lot of aluminum, from a construction project or a commercial endeavor? Renting a roll-off dumpster may be your best bet for getting materials removed with the least time and effort. Same Day Dumpsters offers containers in six different sizes to fit your needs. Whether you have a lot of aluminum or a little, renting from Same Day Dumpsters allows you to avoid the hassle of transporting recyclables yourself, along with any potential recycling fees, and help the environment while you make a cost-effective and practical choice.

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