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  • Business Security Post 9/11

    Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) September 9, 2004

    With the anniversary of 9/11 upon us, how have small business owners changed their security measures against fraud, terrorists, and crime since the attack? According to a recent article by Bytestart Small Business Newsletter at, business advisers MacIntyre Hudson state that business owners are failing to take even the most basic precautions in preventing fraud in their workplace, even though they see that fraud committed by one of their own employees as being the biggest threat to their business. In spite of this, the research showed that only 34% of employers check for criminal backgrounds. Most think that terrorist threats will not affect them personally. Among other questions, business owners should be asking themselves:

    How can identity theft affect my business? Example of one way: Do you realize that by throwing out old job or apartment applications you are putting other people’s identities at risk? Their social security number and credit information can almost always be found and you are putting them at risk by not shredding their applications. You are just one dumpster dive away from being vulnerable to a law suit as a result.

    How do terrorist groups raise dirty money in the U.S.? Examples include: counterfeiting conspiracies, fraudulent coupon distribution networks, credit card scams, cigarette smuggling, and insurance fraud. Many of these can be done directly through your business.

    If few or no security changes have been implemented by a business owner, the main reasons are generally cost and time. Small business owners are usually too busy working long hours and the cost of extra security measures is often not in their budget. They also don’t have time to sit down and read several books to gain a personal knowledge on different ways to implement security themselves, thus leaving them vulnerable to fraud, employee theft, etc.

    What business owners need is a “how-to security dictionary” where they can look up the solution to their security problem quickly, saving them time and money. This is now available in a new book entitled “Business Security: Over 50 Ways to Protect Your Business.” Paul Tulenko, syndicated small business columnist says of Business Security “…a dynamite table of contents puts answers to your security questions right in front of you.”

    T. A. Brown, freelance writer and researcher, has brought together a compilation of over 50 articles written by skilled security experts worldwide on topics that offer solutions to a wide range of security issues. These experts include retired FBI, military, and law enforcement officers as well as private investigators, lawyers, and security consultants.

    Sample articles, author biographies, reviews, and the complete table of contents are available on the website at

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