A CBC news team followed along on a dumpster diving run with me and a friend. www.godspolitics.com | http
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Me singing I’ll dumpster dive to the music of Gloria Gaynor’s I will survive. I hope you enjoy this song. Check out my new musical about dumpster diving at: www.DumpsterDiverMusical.com
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29 Responses to A Shout Out To Eating Garbage: Dumpster Diving on CBC

  1. RubberWilbur says:

    It really is not being environmentally conscious or economic conscious to dumpster dive for food. The chances that you could get sick and even deathly sick goes up every time your rummage through people’s trash. The medication and treatment to overcome that sickness far outweigh the savings to the economy and to wallet in the long run. Penny wise pound….well you understand what I’m talking about. You’d be better off spending your time working or handing out clean sandwhiches to the homeless.

  2. moulton1048 says:

    now we cant do it anymore because we tried to help some people in need and somebody took advantage of it! pretty sad for all the other homeless people who depended on the food each day. It was a good way to reduce on the wasted food and help local people in are community its really to bad we had to go back to throwing it out though because of one selfish person who wanted an easy way to make some cash!

  3. moulton1048 says:

    I work at a grocery store and in the dairy department anything that is gunna be bad 2 days from the current date gets tossed so something that is dated BEST BEFORE JUNE 29th will get thrown away on JUNE 27th its dumb! 2 huge grocery bags of perfectly fine donuts, bread, baggels, and croissants get thrown out from the bakery each day and tons and tons of produce as well! Its crazy how much food gets thrown away makes me sick! We used to give it to the salvation army until somebody tried sueing us

  4. RetroCaptain says:

    Good day
    Not really.
    Some private stores offer the “expired” food to shelters for years, until SOME ppl (using the shelters) COMPLAINED! (This bread is hard,..this fruit is soft, etc)
    You know what follows the complaints….(it goes along with “biting the hand” that “literally” feeds you)…
    The owners are AFRAID of being possibly sued if someone ..”happens” to get sick after eating their offerings.

  5. backbitting1 says:

    i thought all grocery chains had a partnership with food banks and homeless shelters?
    doesnt it make sense to give expired goods to the poor?

  6. VANYO21 says:

    @MashAshAsh Not really. When you have to burn gas , use electricity ,water and spent your time, and than finally share the cooked food with others. This is more than just personal gain.

  7. rambam77 says:

    “I’m starting to feel moisture around my toes. Not a good sign”

    Not going to thanksgiving at their house

  8. capecodder33 says:

    Man, look at all those veggies !!!! Its a crime to throw it away …..

  9. MrKabail says:

    lol just got a hoagie from my trash

  10. Tr0llsNeverDie says:

    I caught one of these limey bastards in my garbage. Chased him away with a pitch fork. YOu tell the bank i aint selling.

  11. cojack1717 says:

    freeganism isnt about saving money or getting “free food”! its about cutting back on the waist of our society. My friends and i do this, and we help feed the homeless around town. Homeless dont have a way to cook things, so, we cook it for them. in turn less waist, more healthy people! even if they are homeless. Think outside the box people,

  12. falsepride says:

    The problem is going to jail. Trespassing is a crime and getting could is crazy. You do not want to be in jail for dumpster diving. You would be holding pockets and used for currency.

  13. henrylovesweed says:

    Been there done that.

  14. earendilstar89 says:

    Awesome. I wish more people would give this is a try, it’s really surprising what you’ll find.
    And so what if they can afford to buy food in the store? They’re not doing this because they have no alternative, they’re doing it as a movement to protest how wasteful we Americans are.

  15. davewoodring says:

    I used to work for Kroger Foods and they had order slectors hauling ass to get there orders done to get more money for going fast. Problem is they would break cases of food all the time with that system. Then you question the boss about the way they do things and they say do you want your job??? Then you see them same bosses out in public and they haven’t nothing to say to you. Corporations run everything, whether you like it or not.

  16. 1maschr says:

    I currently do this as im a completely broke and in debt student.

  17. wasssuppp08 says:

    They never know what they are going to get-yeh right like listeria! Still, it is a crime the amount of good food that is dumped each day by shops, restaurants, etc-probably enough to feed all of Africa for months!

  18. oiyabastard says:

    leave this dive for people who need it .
    u are just cheap and have a credit card in yer pocket
    yea bring it in to work . LEAVE IT FOR HUNGRIES

  19. Dsanchez1979 says:

    we know a guy that makes 6 gs a month and does this! philip b!

  20. hopit says:

    Yes, this is dumpster diving! Your video is also interesting, but this one is much healthier – broccoli, eggs, tomatoes and steak…yum.

  21. phoenixinflux says:

    they are changing the world. perhaps only in the sense that they are changing their own lives by not accepting what many would like to condemn as reprehensible.

    each and every person can change the world, if only in the effect on their own lives.

  22. phoenixinflux says:

    in defense of trader joes i will say that we tried to make use of some of the products that we were told to get rid of by donating them. and we did. but far too much still edible food was wasted. so to all you dumpster divers, keep on doing what you are doing – make use of society’s waste – because it is an abhorable (new word) act.

  23. phoenixinflux says:

    i now applaud those that jumped in the dumpsters and took out what was essentially still fit to be eaten. there is a stigma against those that loot dumpsters, but it can not be denied that those that took and ate what we were throwing out were admirable people who made use of what some considered garbage….

  24. monkeymonk69 says:

    tell me how to tell my mom that this is really legit!

  25. l0rdh00ters says:

    KEMP! dude i dont know if you remember me, but im scotts son, you let me borrow your drums back in the day to practice with my bad, LONG TIME NO SEE!

  26. slogthequagmire says:


  27. bluuegrl says:

    omg i love the song

  28. bennmug says:

    Just plant a rotten tomato you’ll be suprised!