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  • are there any laws on dumpster diving in solano county?

    Question by jeff h: are there any laws on dumpster diving in solano county?
    a friend that was in a dumpster and was arrested .
    any laws in california, solano co. for dumpster diving? i know there are cordinates in some cities. I was not on private property .old shut down school .1 dumpsters had wood only and other for other stuff. no” keep out “or” no treaspassing “signs. only stopped to let animals out, for a minute before my way home 30 minutes away. looked in one said wood only, some aluminum was in it, so i jumped in to take them out. police came at that time was sitting in my car waiting for dogs to finish business. the building was still secured with alarm activated. arrested me for burgulary. someone came down verified building was secured,alarm still activated on, police convinced man to press charges waiting at least 2hrs in back of police car. he did not want to do anything but after awhile i guess he did. did not steal or take anything cuz i was arrested “burgulary”? what the hell? went to court reduced charge to petty theft. anyone with knowledge please respond.

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    Answer by sid_515
    LIke the old saying goes; “another man’s trash, is another man’s treasure”.

    Who on earth would someone make a law against a person wanting to claim right on discarded items?

    I’d seriously doubt there’s such a law and you have nothing to worry about.

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    3 Responses to “are there any laws on dumpster diving in solano county?”

    1. Your friend was probably arrested for trespassing.

      If you look at the dumpster, there should be a notice on it prohibiting you to climb on or inside of it. They do this for liability reasons. If they allow you go crawl inside, they could be liable if you get hurt.

      Many cities also have local laws against collecting recyclable items. The reason for this is the company gets paid by weight for recycling, so you are actually taking something that has a value.

    2. The usual charge is trespassing on private property, or something along those lines.

      Getting into the trash is legal… the US Supreme Court says so.

      Getting into the trash on someone else’s property is what causes problems.