Question by Sam Sattrams: Why do we never hear that the homeless suffer food poisoning even with their dumpster diving?
Maybe it happens frequently and it is just kept shut up?

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Answer by Primo
Because thats not news. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure that out

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10 Responses to Why do we never hear that the homeless suffer food poisoning even with their dumpster diving?

  1. Your question is inane... says:

    Or maybe they eat food that’s already been cooked.

  2. CAustin IV says:

    Probably because the homeless suffer and die frequently, and are mostly ignored by society except when they bother us by sleeping on our curbs. (Or occasionally if we need them to evangelize to or spruce up our college applications, in which case we’ll spend a few hours making soup for them.)

    The homeless suffer from a lot of things. If freezing to death in a cold snap doesn’t get anyone’s attention, a bout of diarrhea isn’t exactly going to make the news.

  3. El Tecolote says:

    Alcohol kills harmful bacteria in the stomach?

  4. PoBoy says:

    The cold truth is that, in America, we could care less when poor people get sick/die.

  5. Eltee13 says:

    easy, they have been eating “sh*t” for too long that their systems are used to it already. They are more likely to suffer poisoning from eating a 5star meal

  6. Bolide ⌡I have a cunning plan...⌠ says:

    Most food that is discarded is discarded for aesthetic rather than food safety reasons.
    Of course many food items will become food safety concerns after continual exposure to “danger zone temperatures (40

  7. Kenny says:

    It’s pretty much general knowledge that the homeless are in poor health. There isn’t much a story behind talking about food poisoning associated with dumpster diving, since it’s kind of common sense. I mean really, “Breaking News: Homeless man gets food poisoning after eating food from dumpster.” Sounds pretty obvious, right.

  8. Excuse Me says:

    Because liberals would hate for people to realize that drinking out of the garden hose and eating fruit that isnt blemish free wont kill you.

  9. qncyguy21 says:

    Probably because telling people that the homeless really do starve to death or live horrible lives, would oppose the corporate tax cut message they are trying to promote.

  10. ¡Carmen! says:

    No one cares about them.