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  • There’s the name

    A few nice dumpster diving images I found:

    There’s the name
    dumpster diving
    Image by Coal and Ice
    He commenced to telling me
    about his experiences in Vietnam…

    at length…

    and in luridly graphic detail…

    Based on the cadence of his speach
    and a few other not-so subtle clues
    I presumed I had made the acquaintance
    of one of the areas
    chemically enhanced individuals.

    He went on and on at a good clip
    and I slowly extricated myself
    telling him I’d be back in about
    a half hour,
    wondering if either he
    or the new dingus
    would be there…

    Becca Packratting
    dumpster diving
    Image by teresia
    Becca put a potato into a box and then fished a used tea bag out of the garbage can. Fall 1976 Yakima This is one of my favorite photos of her when she was little.

    dumpster diving
    Image by Editor B
    I found these old frames on a debris pile on Broad and carried them home on my bike.

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