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  • A Surfer, a Diver, and Piña Colada

    Adventure is in the middle of Kaitlyn and Tokay when it comes to the name my family blessed me with. Planning for adventure is too time consuming so I just let the life cherries fall where they may. Couch surfing is one of the up and coming things to hit America. Only a small population of the American population are couch surfers or actually let strangers eat their food, sleep on their furniture or use their shower.

    Yesterday I had the honor and pleasure to let Alana sleep on my couch. She and I had no previous couch experience, nor had she messaged me about sharing. She randomly found a fellow couch surfer and then it fell through so she went a-couching. After informing my roommate about this I proceeded to rapidly clean my house and prepare for cultural adventure.

    Diving was a must. I tell half the population of Charlotte about them and encourage everyone to try it out. After several past attempts at dumpster fails, we felt like tonight was a good night to explore. After loading more people on board we went to our first store and hit the cheese jackpot. Our two virgin divers quickly fell in love with the whole process and we quickly filled up car with food.

    A grocery store with an animal name was stop number two, and the dumpster was filled to overflowing with footage from a variety of categories. Tonic water and club soda was a new dived product and we quickly realized that we could not take as much of this glorious find as we wished. Although the food was good, the dumpster was oozing yogurt like none other and every food find was doused in a good dose of Dannon.

    Splitting our goods, we headed out for the night fully satisfied with our beautiful find. Peace out Charlotte.
    Good food. Good friends. Good life.

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