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  • face off

    A few nice 10 yard dumpster images I found:

    face off
    10 yard dumpster
    Image by Mike_tn
    rumor has it i burned down the woods out back where i grew up; it was a few acres, we wanted to see how big we could get the fire and still put it out

    used to swim a mediocre 50 yard breast stroke as a kid, for a summer team at the Elk’s Club; i’m always bad at competative team sports

    broke my hand punching my friend in the back of his head; he was riding away on his bike, i never really got even it would seem

    dated several women, not at once, the longest was three years; they are married now but not to me

    fell in up to my neck while swamp walking with the older boys in boy scouts; that’s when you walk in a swamp and tip over dead telephone pole sized trees for fun

    once the front door was locked and by the time my mom opened it i peed my pants; lingered too long playing outside

    we kids shot BB guns at one school sodium vapor parking lot light and it caught fire, called the fire dept and played dumb

    accidentally threw out my orthodonic retainer with my lunch trash at school, twice, both times on Italian food Wednesday, dug for it in the dumpster both times, found it the first time, clothes were so stinky had to walk home afterward both times

    fired from an archery sporting goods job during a holdiay party for playing traditional "dodge arrow" in front of patrons; that game is when you form two facing rows of people, you fire a padded tip arrow at the other row and if your arrow gets grabbed in mid air then you have to trade places.

    my friend called with extra tickets that night to see Harlem Globetrotters, i got so excited my parents had to pick me up as soon as i got there; abdominal pains from gas

    List 10 things that your friends may or may not know about you, but that are true
    i will be tagging you

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