This is a updated video short with a commentary by Paul Engler, founder of Center for the Working Poor. We dubbed his radio interview with 89.3 KPCC FM into the footage that Faith/Activism Collective took at our recent dumpster dive. Check it out. Faith/Activism kicked in up a notch (one-two, one-two) with the start of a series of “dumpster dives” we seek to engage college students on our levels of food consumption, the excess of landfill waste, and awareness of disadvantaged communities lack of access to healthy foods. Through Dumpster Diving we hope to encourage further commitment to food distribution to working poor families in South LA. In partnernship with the Center of the Working Poor (, we want college students to participate in Friday collection and distribution of fresh produce from LA’s Produce Warehouse in Downtown. The Center specifically meets the needs of families whose parent has been fired from a service-sector job in the LAX Hotel Corridor for organizing other employees into a union.
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Daniel and Meg plan a dinner party for their friends, from Portlandia episode 3.

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24 Responses to Dumpster Dive (Director Commentary)

  1. JeremyFerrickSongs says:


  2. jadeespot says:

    Portland dumpster diving.. a subculture all its own

  3. fuckingkiddinme says:

    @pacoliters haha glad to hear it.

  4. pacoliters says:

    I live in Portland and I approve this message

  5. Serveck says:

    east coast portlandia is just the same. weird. and we were first!

  6. sexyHGsquad says:

    Oh look, Agua !
    Vin- no thats Vinegar….
    Im know. Im realizing it right now

  7. jollincones says:

    @u0455294 Totally, I lived in the hills north of Salt Lake City for a year and observed the same. People are strange, life is funny.

  8. Warlock27rp says:

    fits portland so good

  9. Duke12687 says:

    Anyone else notice how his words and lips don’t match up in 1:11?

  10. u0455294 says:

    Sugar house in Salt Lake City is JUST like this, maybe more so than Portland, at least from what I’ve seen, and I live in Salem.

  11. BlytheFrench says:

    i love carrie’s “oh!”

  12. 206Dawgs says:

    0:34 sarah mcLachlan pinata lol

  13. chulksmack360 says:

    @iMustachio don’t forget about 80s style skateboards

  14. BlueberryJava says:

    Omg I mean yea Freegans have their hearts in the right place but can get pretty annoying. I shared a hotel room w one at a AR convention and she didn’t contribute and ragged on my bottled water and every other damn product I used. Woot.

  15. skeatel says:


  16. iMustachio says:

    @ElijahVantreese dude hipsters wouldn’t drive a prius, the travel only on bus, fixed gear bikes, and their friend’s cars, and maybe if they live on a commune, they group share a car that runs on vegetable oil or soy

  17. electricvelvettt says:

    she likes things.

  18. underwesterneyes1 says:


  19. ElijahVantreese says:

    The only thing this sketch needs is a 2010 Prius to put the stuff into

  20. faithxkele says:


  21. iJakobb says:

    gay show is gay dislikes

  22. Pandoricproductions says:

    @grimmmm1 Awwwwww why???

  23. mariahamarae says:


  24. grimmmm1 says:

    @Pandoricproductions first