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  • Sweet Tea and more food

    Finds last night: 2 gallon jugs of sweet tea, 1 bag of lemons (that I’ve already made lemonade with as they’re getting old), 1 bag of onions, 4 packages of chicken tenders (pre-cooked), about 4 dozen bananas and about dozen corn on the cob in packages.

    Now the bananas were placed in big ziploc bags and frozen. They’ll be used for banana bread on down the road. I actually use walnuts and various spices and make a banana nut muffin. I’m talking the BIG muffins with the top that poofs out like a mushroom.

    The corn was frozen too. I cook corn on the cob in a rice cooker/steamer. That seems to cook it a lot faster and more efficiently.

    I chopped the onions (lord I was crying) and placed them in a ziploc bag in the freezer. They will be used in stews and soups in the crockpot. Sometimes all you need is a pork or beef roast, some potatoes which I have a ton of, onions, some seasoned salt and you have a great meal. Top that with sweet tea, corn on the cob and some homemade canned green beans and that’s all you need.

    Now since I have my southern home (which I hope to be our permanent home next spring) set up with couch, dining table, freezer and all the niceties I need in life to live a good wholesome life I can invite friends over for dinner.

    If we continue to find more food I’m going to have to buy an additional freezer.

    There is another lady in Phoenix who dumpster dives and gets a ton of stuff. Her name is Secret Freegan. Please follow her and tell her UDD said hello.

    Food prices are continuing to rise. Please stockpile what you can and get off the grid as much as you can. Grow a garden, buy food in bulk when it’s on sale. In the upcoming global economy food will be king.

    You can’t eat a gold bar.

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