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  • What’s the legal status of ‘dumpster diving’ in Pennsylvania?

    Question by Girl Menace: What’s the legal status of ‘dumpster diving’ in Pennsylvania?
    I live in York County specifically- does anyone know if it’s illegal or not? I can’t find anything anywhere. :-/ I know a wee bit ago it became illegal in Maryland because people were afraid of personal information being stolen, blah blah blah…

    Best answer:

    Answer by Ted
    The Supreme court has ruled that household trash is free to rummage through when it reaches the curb.

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    One Response to “What’s the legal status of ‘dumpster diving’ in Pennsylvania?”

    1. In most places if it’s out on the curb, it’s considered public domain. Some towns may prohibit taking recyclables, and New Hampshire prohibits dumpster diving altogether, but otherwise trash is fair game and I don’t know any other states that ban it. Just don’t make a mess or go onto private property.