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  • Neighborhood Togetherness Matters & Clean Up Does, Too

    The people that live close to you should be like family. One of the main reasons why people created close-knit neighborhoods is because it provides an extra layer of protection, though this has lost some meaning for many small communities. You can change that by organizing a neighborhood event or series of events to ensure that every neighbor feels a connection to every one else. The following are a few ideas that might help you organize these events, but remember that you will need a good roll-off dumpster  rental from Same Day Dumpsters for the cleanup.

    68836-40-yard-dumpster-0445Organize an Arts and Crafts Block Party

    One of the most inventive ways to get everyone excited about living next to one another is organizing an arts and crafts block party. It would be wise to open up the opportunity to get creative for both adults and children.

    Arts and crafts might get a little messy, especially if one of the artists chooses to get creative in front of an audience, but that is why you have a roll-off dumpster, which ensures that every piece of debris is removed from the block. This is a good way to have fun as a small community while keeping the block clean.

    Try a Cook and Bake Sale Day

    The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach as some have said, which is something that can be applied to neighborhoods. Organizing an event where all the neighbors get to sample a little bit of everyone’s food might be a good way to bond. You might see neighbors exchanging recipes and tips.

    This is a great way to spend a day, not to mention delicious. Sure, food does mean that the block might get a little dirty. This makes it imperative that a roll-off dumpster is rented before hand. The good people at Same Day Dumpsters can deliver the container a few days before and usually leave the dumpster there for 7 to 10 days. These days are flexible. It is important to pay attention to the ton limit so you are not charged extra.

    Outdoor Movie Night

    Nothing says togetherness like watching a good movie with everyone. If you are organizing an event like this, you will need a good projector and screen, not to mention a good film. It would be wise to bring in a few snacks; you will probably need what might be expected at a regular theater like popcorn. Some neighbors can bake their favorite cookie batches or other interesting, healthier options.

    It is a good idea to have trashcans all around and one of the containers from Same Day Dumpsters because at the end of the day, there is bound to be a lot of rubbish. The dumpsters can be picked up the following day if it gets filled up quickly. It could be replaced on that day too, just as long as the specialists are informed of these requests.

    Encouraging a neighborhood to be close encourages safety, too. The people know each other and are invested. A neighbor will be more inclined to say something if something looks awry. Or someone might notice the lights on in your home when you told everyone that you were going away on vacation. There are many reasons to establish a real connection with the people that live within the community.

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