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    Planning constant trips to haul stuff to the dump isn’t just time consuming, it can be a real waste of cash as you continuously gas up your truck and pay the service fees for each dump load. Consider the alternative of renting a dumpster in Same Day Dumpsters instead. While not every job needs a dumpster, the following list are a few that generally produce enough garbage to make rental worthwhile.

    The Remodeling Project

    Home remodeling, even for a small room like the bathroom, often results in a lot of garbage. Commonly tossed items include old wall board, tiles, broken or outdated fixtures, and construction debris like paint cans.

    You can easily fill up a few truck bed loads from just a small room, so you can imagine what a whole house remodel or even the remodeling of a larger room entails.

    Junk Hauling

    Clean Fill DumpstersWhether you are cleaning out a home to sell, because a relative has passed away, or simply because it is time to declutter, junk removal is a lot easier with a dumpster on site. Often, decluttering and junk removal is undermined as items pile up in a holding area, such as a garage, to await disbursement to the dump. A dumpster rental can also make it quicker if you are clearing out a new rental home or hauling off the trash left by a previous tenant, which allows you to get the house back on the market as soon as possible.

    A New Roof

    Roofs produce a lot of garbage. At a bare minimum, the old shingles and tar paper needs to be tossed. More in depth jobs will also require the replacement of the roof sheathing boards.

    Roll off dumpsters can be placed near the roof, which ensures that the tear down crew gets the garbage into the dumpster and not all over your lawn.

    Landscape Renovation

    New landscaping immediately improves your home’s curb appeal and makes the exterior look like new, but it also results in a lot of waste. Everything from plastic plant containers and bags that held soil and amendments, to the old detritus and dead plants being pulled out to make room for the new.

    Many of the items trashed during a major landscaping renovation are compostable, but the average suburban yard doesn’t have room for a pile that large. Fortunately, you can have a dumpster rental that is dedicated to compostable items, if that is the route you wish to take.

    Tips for Your Rental

    Knowing when to rent isn’t enough, you also need to know some of the basics of securing the right rental for your project. The following are a few things to consider:

    Consider a specialty dumpster

    There are several specialty dumpster types available:

    • Asphalt or concrete only rentals
    • Landscape dumpsters for stumps and brush
    • Dirt only dumpsters

    Know the size you need

    Dumpsters are sized by the square yard, with a 10 yard dumpster being the smallest and a 40 yard being the largest. There are two things that impact the size of the dumpster you select – the room you have to park it and the size of the job. If the job is larger than your parking area, then you may need to schedule a dumpster pickup in the midst of your project to keep it from overflowing.

    Consider the allowed items

    Not all garbage can end up in a dumpster rental, so make sure your project fits the specifications of the dumpster you are renting.As a general rule, hazardous items like chemicals, gas tanks, asbestos, fuel, batteries, electronic wastes, or items containing Freon or Mercury cannot be tossed into a standard dumpster. Instead, these items must be taken to a hazardous waste facility.

    Renting a dumpster simplifies your project. Just make sure that the dumpster you rent fits the needs of the task you are asking it to do. Same Day Dumpsters can help you narrow down your choices so that you make the right decision.

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