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  • Second Annual SecTor Conference Delivers the World’s Top Security Experts to Shine the Spotlight on the Latest IT Threats

    Toronto, ON (PRWEB) October 1, 2008

    Organizers of SecTor, Canada’s premier IT security education event, are proud to announce the second annual SecTor 2008, taking place October 7-8 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

    The theme of SecTor 2008 is “Illuminating the Black Art of Security” and will bring together the world’s brightest (and darkest) minds to identify, discuss, dissect and debate the latest digital threats facing businesses.

    “Last year’s SecTor was a huge success and SecTor 2008 promises to be even larger in scope. IT professionals simply cannot afford to miss this opportunity to collaborate with peers and learn how to become more proactive when dealing with IT security threats,” says Brian Bourne, Co-Founder, SecTor.

    SecTor 2008 will feature keynotes from North America’s most trusted security experts such as Johnny Long, professional hacker and author of the best-selling book “No Tech Hacking”. It will also feature presentations and interactive workshops where participants will learn first-hand how to effectively develop, manage and defend corporate networks.

    In addition to the conference, SecTor 2008 is hosting four unique training courses, including:

    Bluetooth and Wireless Hacking: Flying in from South Africa, Dino Covotso, Founder and Managing Director of Telspace Systems, will demystify wireless network security and inform attendees on how to improve wireless LAN and Bluetooth security through theory and practical examples on live wireless networks.

    Powersploiting: Leveraging the Metasploit Framework: The Metasploit Framework is a popular tool for penetration testing and exploit development. Led by HD Moore, director of security research at BreakingPoint Systems, attendees will learn how to quickly create modules to solve specific tasks, integrate the framework with other security tools, coordinate client-side attacks and keep access to compromised systems.

    The SANS? Institute Presents: Cutting Edge Hacking Techniques: This fast-paced, intermediate-to-advanced course is ideal for attendees who have taken a multi-day hacking course in the past (offered by other training organizations or SANS’ own 504 or 560 courses) and are looking to update their understanding and skills.

    No-Tech Hacking with Johnny Long: Being offered for the first time in Canada, this innovative hands-on workshop looks at real-world hacker tactics (including shoulder surfing, vehicle surveillance and dumpster diving) with the aim of helping attendees gain the perspective needed to stay one step ahead of this new breed of old-school hacker.

    “Today’s organizations need to understand the emerging underground security risks out there, and how to best create strategies to defend against them. As security conferences go, SecTor is among the best of the best and IT professionals can benefit immensely from attending,” says Long.

    SecTor 2008 will also present an elite selection of vendors, a special “Lockpick Village”, a WiFi clinic and elite break-out sessions such as:

    Metasploit Prime: HD Moore of BreakingPoint Systems will dive into the advanced features of the Metasploit Framework (including IPv6 support, wireless client exploitation, hardware integration) and demonstrate how to leverage these features in every aspect of a penetration test.

    RFID Unplugged: With RFID system usage increasing, security consultant 3ric Johanson will discuss the security implications and review specific vulnerabilities – many with demos – while offering potential mitigations. This presentation will cover potential threat and attack models from the business, integrator, and consumer perspective.

    “Emerging technologies such as RFID also represent emerging security risks. It is mission-critical that IT professionals educate themselves to develop effective strategies and best practices,” says Johanson.

    About SecTor

    SecTor brings the world’s brightest (and darkest) minds together to identify, discuss, dissect and debate the latest digital threats facing corporations today. Unique to central Canada, SecTor provides an unmatched opportunity for IT professionals to collaborate with their peers and learn from their mentors.

    Held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in downtown Toronto, SecTor runs two full days, October 7-8. The event features keynotes from North America’s most respected and trusted experts. Speakers are true security professionals with depth of understanding on topics that matter. SecTor is a must attend event for every IT professional. For more information, please visit


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