I have gotten some recent requests on how I come up with my deals. Well it all starts with some good old fashioned dumpster diving. A Sunday paper costs around 2.50 and that’s where all the coupon inserts are. But I’m not going to pay 2.50 a paper for coupons as it is just not economical. That being said …you can’t sell old news so Mondays are a good day to check for Yesterdays newspapers. I can usually score 25 papers with relative ease. I don’t get all dirty doing it. I keep hand sanitizer right in the car. While I was there checking out the dumpster I noticed to cop cars in the parking lot across the street, one was an unmarked and I bailed. Didn’t want any hassles. Check out part 2 for a successful dive.

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3 Responses to Mission impossible dumpster dive how to part 1

  1. messijessi630 says:

    o wow i do it in daylight ! but i dont actually get in it i use a reacher .

  2. tinajo650 says:

    Loving the black ops gear lol!

  3. debbie1210 says:

    oh wow you answered my question and I think your wining …lol 😉