Lottery winner pulls Powerball ticket from the trash
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June 3 — One man´s trash is, well, the same man´s treasure.

A Burlington, N.C., man found himself a $ 200,000 winner in the Powerball lottery after fishing the winning ticket out of the trash he placed at the curb.

James Dixon checked his ticket´s numbers against a daily newspaper and threw the ticket away, according to the North Carolina Education Lottery. It was about 15 minutes later that he realized he checked the previous day´s paper, so he rescued the ticket and compared the numbers against those on the lottery´s website.

“The trash was already down at the street ready to be picked up,” Dixon said. “I went out and pulled the bag, took it inside and dumped everything into a laundry basket.”


Dixon matched all five white balls in the drawing but missed on the Powerball number, the lottery reported. He received a check for $ 136,000 after taxes were withheld.

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