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  • Still no signs of ´missing´ baby, police say

    Still no signs of ´missing´ baby, police say
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    Oct. 4 — There were still no signs of a baby at a recycling facility late Monday that was said to be abandoned in Newton, Mass., on Friday.

    Three investigators from the Newton Police Department oversaw workers at The Recycle America Alliance facility in Avon, Mass., sift through debris in search of the 4-month-old infant.

    On Friday, a Newton, Mass., resident found a note in an empty cardboard box inside of his recycling bin saying that a 15-year-old girl was abandoning her infant, according to The Enterprise newspaper in Brockton, Mass.

    The note said a 15-year-old girl named “Bimini” was leaving her 4-month-old baby “Sonny,” but there were no signs of it in the empty box.

    Two people in the city are named “Bimini,” but neither is connected to the case, the paper reported.

    Police canvassed the neighborhood and no one said they heard cries or anything suspicious, the Boston Herald newspaper reported.

    “We´re asking that whoever wrote the note to contact us immediately. We have to know if the incident is real, if there’s a child involved, or if it´s a prank gone out of hand,” Newton police Lt. Bruce Apotheker told The Enterprise. “We have investigators spending time investigating this.”

    On Saturday, 15 state police troopers went through more than 100 tons of debris at Recycle America Alliance for signs of the infant but none were found, according to The Enterprise.

    Officers searched through debris that had been brought in on Friday with rakes, shovels and by hand.

    Contact Waste & Recycling News reporter Vince Bond Jr. at [email protected] or 313-446-1653.

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