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  • Land Owners Responsibilities?

    Question by Tanya G: Land Owners Responsibilities?
    O.k. We bought a mobile home on a piece of property about a year ago. We Pay a monthly lot rent to a lady who owns the land. Our first month we were here we told her that the people who had previously lived here had left alot of Junk(garbage, and rubble) We explained to her that if she footed the bill for the Dumpster we would do the work to load it just to get the yard cleaned..A couple months went by still no dumpster it was brought up again …we were told yes i will get someone down there to take care of it.. before long winter was here and everything was covered in snow.. So when we brought it up again she said in the spring of this year she would have it done..well spring came and left we had cleaned the yard and taken away about 4 truck loads of stuff that needed to go. with no reimbursement …I came home about 2 days ago and there was a note tucked in my door…Her saying I had 3 days to get rid of everything in the yard or ELSE!!!!OMG she has been telling me over a year she would do something.. and nothing was ever done..So I went up to talk to her because I am rational and don’t believe in leaving nasty little notes on peoples doors…Her response was I ain’t taking care of that F%^&*ing SH&*!!!It ain’t mine.. I was in complete dis belief that she was acting like this fully well knowing all the times she had promised to do something.. Now with economy so fiance laid off barley making ends meet she expects us to fork over $ 400.00+ dollars to do something she should do .. Not to mention our power line went bad we confronted her cause it is her power line asked her to help pay for it …it cost us about $ 320.00 with parts and labor and fuses on the pole .. oh no she said no its your trailer .. I said but we cant take the power line with us or the box..Now we are gonna get kicked off our property if it isn’t gone in like 12 hours.. Anyone have any suggestions on who to call or what we can do without causing to much trouble.. We are getting shafted and i think its wrong…

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    Answer by chatsplas
    She can’t kick you off in 20 hours. She’s got to sue you and go to court and get sheriff to do all that.
    Suggest you go to legal aid, or pay an attorney, first consultation cheap or free.
    Send LL letter, businesslike stating problem, that you have consistently made requests, that she had agreed to do so, that you had agreed to do labor if she would provide dumpster, etc. That despite your repeated requests, she has failed. . . . .that you have paid $ X and used your own time and labor to remedy problem she agreed to fix, etc. Request reimbursement for everything you’ve paid out, itemizing. Send it first class and Certified mail return receipt requested. Take photos, gather whatever proof you have.

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    One Response to “Land Owners Responsibilities?”

    1. If you have photos of the yard before you moved in it will show the trash. And copies those “nasty little notes” you should have been giving her over the past year would provide the paper trail you need to defend your case, should she try to evict you.

      I would say it’s her responsibility to have power provided to the box on the pole. I wouldn’t have paid it if I were you. i would have moved.

      You’re getting shafted because you’re asking these question far after the fact. You hauled the trash for free and you fixed the power for free.