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  • Liquid Vitamins

    I’ve spent the last 2 days doing some grocery shopping and updating my prepping supplies. Food prices continue to climb so it’s vital we buy food we can now. I’m seeing prices creep up and up every single time I go to the store.

    Last night on our way home, we did our usual route. When we dive after food shopping we always bring coolers so that our meat doesn’t spoil on the way home. Murphy’s law if I don’t bring my cooler, I end up finding a huge score but can’t stay as I’m afraid my meat will spoil!

    Found 2 bottles of Acai Berry liquid. Tastes terrible but it’s still within the expiration date. Looks like the 6-pack in the case had four broken that spilled over the remaining two that were left, so the two intact were thrown out. We took the 2 home. Acai is a good natural supplement. In liquid form even better. As I’m aging I need to take good healthy supplements to keep me physically fit and healthy. In addition to dumpster diving almost nightly, I do exercise and break a sweat 5 days a week. The only time I don’t do that is when I’m on the road for a road trip.

    I’m going to try the Acai (the suggested amount) daily. I’ll let y’all know if it helps!

    Acai Liquid Vitamin

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