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  • Consulting Firm Unveils Powerful New Weapon to Stop Identity Theft

    Houston, TX (PRWEB) March 1, 2006

    As long as there are data bases to be hacked into, as long as there are dumpsters to dive into and as long as there is vital customer information to be stolen; it is a pretty safe bet that identity thieves and terrorist will continue to do so. Today, introduces American businesses to the Compare and Contrast Device (CCD); a simple yet powerful new weapon designed to prevent identity thieves, illegal immigrants and terrorists from passing counterfeit state identification cards and driver licenses as the genuine article.

    It seems as though each time that the news airs recently, there is a new story about stolen personal information and stolen financial information. By the millions, social security numbers, driver license numbers, credit card numbers and bank account numbers are being stolen and it appears that there is little that can be done to stop the identity bandits from pillaging.

    Welcome to the information age: hate it or love it, the mass-information genie is forever out of the bottle and the powers that be will likely never completely stop the theft of vital personal information and sensitive financial information. This ever worsening identity theft problem is, without doubt, a direct result of the explosive expansion of personal computer technology and the rapid growth of internet over the last decade. At no other time in the brief history of mankind, has mass information ever been easier and more profitable to manipulate, transfer and steal.

    Until today, the prevailing focus of consumers, businesses, the media and law enforcement has been mostly on the very act of stealing vital information. In recent years it has become quite common for Americans to get frequent public warnings about hacking, phishing and dumpster-diving, for example. Truth be told, the identity theft phenomenon is actually a two-part offense: Part one, being the actual theft of personal information or financial information resulting in; Part two, the actual use or conversion of that stolen information into cash, goods and services.

    For many years Identity thieves have succeed in converting stolen personal information into just about anything imaginable by simply pretending to be some one else. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the bad guys primarily use fake identification to get the job done. Once upon a time not very long ago, an individual had to be ?connected? to get a fake id; you definitely had to know somebody.

    Today, modern computers and photographic quality printers have completely removed the mystery from the art of making cheap high-quality counterfeit identification. Quite frankly, any literate person with the motivation and the proper resources could start their own fake identification factory in relatively short order.

    Many businesses and security experts believe that the solution to stopping those who make and use counterfeit identification lies in the further application of holograms, smart cards, RFID chips and biometric identification. The undeniable truth is that complete faith in those technologies alone is flawed because holograms can be forged, RFID chips and smart cards can be hacked and copied, while biometrics are still somewhat impractical, expensive and too ?Big Brother / Mark of the Beast-Like? for current widespread application and acceptance.

    Focusing on the fact that identity thieves, illegal immigrants and terrorist can easily make and pass bogus state identification that most American workers are not trained to detect; The Privy Group has developed the Compare and Contrast Device or CCD. The CCD was designed stop identity theft by preventing identity thieves, illegal immigrants and terrorist from using counterfeit state identification cards to transact business. This innovative device was developed by the founder of, himself a former identity thief with more than 20 years of experience with most forms of counterfeit identification, credit card fraud and check fraud.

    The CCD has the same faux security features commonly used by crooks to manufacture high-quality counterfeit state driver licenses and identification cards that are good enough to fool retail clerks to the tune of billions. The CCD mimics the artwork and security features of legitimate state issued identification cards using the same materials and effective counterfeiting techniques used by modern identity thieves.

    Worn around the neck of point-of-sale staff, the CCD is a handy tool and a valuable visible deterrent to would-be identity thieves and terrorist using counterfeit identification. When the bad guys with bogus identification see employees alert and using the CCD, they will undoubtedly try their trickery elsewhere.

    How does the CCD work? To accurately detect counterfeit identification, the user simply takes the customer?s driver license or identification card and places the document on the CCD and quickly compares the two.

    If the license contrasts or is different from the CCD in the correct ways, then the license is authentic. Conversely, if the customer?s license has one or more characteristics matching the CCD, characteristics that are consistent with a high-quality fake; then the license is likely a forgery.

    Apartment managers, hotels, car rental agencies, retailers, car dealers or just about anyone who can no longer afford to loose money to criminals using counterfeit identification. The revolutionary CCD is now available for the following states: CA, AZ, NM, TX, LA, MS, AL, GA, FL, NY and will soon be available for all 50 states. The CCD finally gives the American workforce a simple, quick and effective tool to prevent identity thieves, illegal immigrants and terrorists from using counterfeit state identification to complete transactions that cost businesses and consumers billions of dollars annually. is a privately held identity theft security consulting firm that provides identity theft deterrent products and services created specifically to teach American businesses and their employees to quickly and accurately identify counterfeit identification and reject fraudulent transactions. For more information about or their products and services please visit their web site.

    For photographs, questions and other information contact:

    Nathan Jennings

    Media Relations Director

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