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    Sometimes it’s time to clear all the unnecessary junk from home. Maybe it’s part of one’s yearly spring cleaning activity. Maybe new household items were bought, or the in-laws just announced that they would be staying for a few months, and extra room is required. Perhaps the office is relocating, or it’s time to move to a new apartment, home or state. Maybe a home renovation is in order, and drywall, debris, and flooring will be needing proper disposal. In these scenarios, a trash dumpster is an excellent idea. It may initially seem expensive, but it’s truly affordable and efficient, as one may discover after doing proper homework and research on the subject.


    Whether one is a beginner at renting a dumpster, or one is trying to avoid issues they have encountered in the past, there are a few important notes to consider when renting a dumpster:

    1. Plan

    For the most part, planning correlates with success. A dumpster disposal is not a free for all, and different dumpster rental companies have different rules in regards to what can go in the dumpster. The first step is to consider the number of items and the dumpster rental capacity. What items can be lived without? What items need to go entirely? Is there a live chat option available at this rental company’s website? What are the companies estimate and quote processes like? Do they offer a free consultation? Do they accept pictures as a visual to assess a fair quote, or do they give a quote on the spot?

    1. Pick a Date

    There’s a lot to examine when selecting a date. First, one must be sure that availability is possible. This may mean calling off from work or arranging an absence or switch at work, in advance. This can mean rearranging the hectic schedule, or calling off appointments. Sometimes one may have to plan the date around the time that they are paid to ensure that there’s money for the project. Weather conditions that are predicted on that day should also be noted, as well as any deadlines such as military moving dates. Choosing a date and staying true to it is essential for oneself and the company. Rental companies have many customers eager to get rid of their trash, and the last thing that they need is changes to promised dates that can affect their availability to potential clients.

    1. Choose Trash Dumpster Company

    Now it’s time to choose! After deciding on a date and doing research, the company that’s best for the project at hand should have been narrowed down to a few. There may be several different options, which is entirely dependent on one’s living area. It’s a good approach to check prices and various services within the particular company that one is researching. It’s important to see what drop off policies, pick up systems and dumpster sizes are available. Some places have a standard for all loads; some places measure by how much fills up a truck size. Some places will charge a full trucks price even if it’s just half full, so it’s wise to beware of such schemes. Special offers may be included, such as half off pricing on extra trucks, or the availability of moving helpers and dollies. Some trash rental companies donate usable items to local churches and charities. IF this is something close to one’s heart, it’s something worth asking. Many items can be repurposed or even reused or recycled. Some rental companies will also take old car batteries, and others won’t. Look at reviews online and compare them to find out what other’s thought about the company. Reviews can leave surprising details as to the excellent customer service that was received by that particular group, or vice versa.

    1. Preparing for Renter’s Truck Arrival

    It’s useful and time-saving to start separating items in the garage or the rooms if at all possible. Trash and essential items can be removed from cabinets, drawers, and closets. Pet supplies and animals can be secure in a separate room. The way can be cleared so that the rental company’s staff can have unobstructed access to what needs to be removed. It’s not essential to do this, but it is common courtesy and also helps prevent accidental falls. Cleaning debris and making a path can prevent needless accidents.


    In the end, renting a dumpster truck can be a smooth, affordable process. With proper research, one can obtain a fair quote and high-quality customer service, while enjoying a clutter-free home in the process.

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