Question by lizzy a: so i need to do comparisons with regular shopping and dumpster diving?
can anyone think of any except that they both include time? I’m doing a compare and contrast essay, PLEASE how do they compare?

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Answer by Casperia
Night vs day.
front of store vs back of store (or along streets)
stealth vs. however you behave whenever you’re in a shop
Crappy clothes, gloves, sneakers, flashlight, vs normal clothes
Leave your purse wallet in the car vs. take it with you
leave car running, trunk unlocked vs locking it up and leaving it
ask around for synonyms for “dumpster diving”, like “curb crawling” vs. “shopping” (check thesaurus for that)

probably not going to find clothes in dumpsters…….
I’ve found curtains, shades, blinds, stools, toys, excellent new rug remnants.

I never did food, but you could go there with the comparing.

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