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  • why are racoons so smart?

    Question by ♦ELEMENT DIAmond♦: why are racoons so smart?
    last night when i looked outside,i seen like 6 racoons in a group.and they did some stuff that i would not even have thought of.Theres a big tree by my neighbors yard,and bye that tree there is a large dumpster.well one of the racoons grabed a stick in its mouth and climbed the tree,and then with its jaws it stuck the stick in the cornor of the dumpster lid so that the lid will prop open a bit,well when it did that the other racoon climed the side of the garbage lid and tuged downward on the stick so that the lid will open,when the lid was proped open enough the other racoons climed in and took out a bunch of garbage,and started to eat it.

    i was watching this for about 15 minutes,thinking to myself that these racoons are smarter then people that i know.can i have one of these amazing animals for pets

    Best answer:

    Answer by anna
    yes you can, they are actuelly VERY good pets. There is also a raccoon ranch in st. louis. my husband wants to own one someday and with research we found out that they are very smart and very sensitive as well (just like humans)

    for example, we read somewhere that someone had a raccoon as a pet and said that when they got mad at the raccoon that it would have a really sad look on its face and go into its room.

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    One Response to “why are racoons so smart?”

    1. my husband loves raccoons have you ever wonder why they wear mask an black gloves they are the perfect thief and of course you can own 1 but you must get it as a baby.