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  • Tips For A More Comfortable Homelessness?

    Question by brendon n: Tips For A More Comfortable Homelessness?
    Hi I Was Asked To Share Some Tips And Things I Learned In My Nine Years On The Streets

    1: Footwear A Good Pair Of Leather Workboots Is The Best If You Walk Alot As I Do Good Workboots Protect Your Feet And Good Woorkboots Will Outlast A Dozen Pairs Of Tennis Shoes Bear In Mind If You Are Not Used To Wearing Heavy Boots It Will Be Uncomfortable At First But Once You Break Em In You Will Never Go Back Also Change Your Socks Twice A Day And Use Foot Powder

    2: Hygeine: There Is No Excuse For Lack Of If You Put Your Mind To It You Can Be Clean And Quite Presentable Ymca Is Relatively Easy To Sneak Into Even If You Do Not Have A Membership Simply By Loitering At The Sidedoor “please Note This Is My Town Your Ymca May Be Different” And Wait For Someone To Open It Then I Can Shower And Do Laundry In The Sink And Use The Spinner To Dry Em. IN LARGE MAJOR CITIES THE YMCA MAY HAVE HOMELESS PROGRAMS SO MY METHOD MAY NOT BE NECESSARY AS I SAID CIRCUMSTANCES VARY FROM PLACE TO PLACE. MANY CHURCHES AND SHELTERS HAVE SHOWERS AND LAUNDRY ON DIFFERENT DAYS AS WELL.
    Also If You Find Odd Jobs Usually If You Ask Politeley The People Will Let You Shower And Do Laundry And Feed You A Meal As Well.

    Money Alot Of People Panhandle And Thats Ok But There Are More Dignified Ways To Make Income On The Streets

    1. Cash Jobs A” Homeless AND Do Odd Jobs For CASH” Sign At A Good Location Particularly Where Elderly People Shop Alot You Can Fetch Cash Jobs Such As Lawn Care,Snow Shoveling, Etc And Sometimes You Will Build A Customer Base While You Are Standing There Some Folks Will Hand You A Few Bucks Out Of Pity As A Bonus Some Will Try Not To Give You Cash Because They Think You Are Buying Beer Simply Tell Them You Are More Than Willing To Do The Work To Get The Cash And Be Ready To Do It Mornings Are The Best Time For This Hustle

    2. Plasma Centers If Your Town Pays For Plasma Donations And You Can Go Twice A Week Every Week I Get 55 Bucks Every Week Steady Stable Cash Income But The Money Will Vary Depending On Circumstances.

    3. Temporary Sevices Apply At Everyone In Your Town You May Not Land A Dream Job But Often Enough They Need People For A Day Or Two Here And There And You Had Nothing Better To Do Anyhow Some Will Contend That They Cant Get Ahold Of Me Well Go To Your County Job Center Early When They Open And Call Them Dont Wait For Em To Call You The Phone Is Free At The Job Service

    4. Recycling When I Have Nothing At All Going For Me On A Given Day I Take A Shopping Cart And Dig In Dumpsters For Cans And Scrap Metal You Can Find Aluminum Cans, Insulated Wire, Piece Aluminum, And Electronic Items Can Me Smashed Open As Well Vaccum Cleaners Have Motors, Tv Sets And Monitors Have Lots Of Wire And Copper Yokes On The Tube That Can Be Had With A Good Hammer Whack And Cut Them Cords With Ever So High Copper Prices They Fetch 40-60 Cents A Pound At Many Scrap Yards. Always Clean Up After Yourself And Put Everything Back Into The Dumpster Also For Your Safety Wear Work Gloves And Be Careful If You Do This For 10 Hours Straight You Can Have 25-50 Dollars In Cash But You Gotta Move Fast To Find Alot Of Shit If Your Slow Maybee 10-15 Bucks.

    4. Do Not Party Use Your Money To Take Care Of Your Basic Needs Alcohol And Drugs Just Eat Up Your Funds And With A Clear Mind You Will Find More Opprotunnities To Make Money Instead Of Pissing It Away On Dope That Money You Spend On Dope Could Have Bought You A Weekend At A Cheap Motel Off The Streets And Meals Lets See A Habit Of Dope Or A Couple Nights Good Sleep And Cable Tv And Steak Dinner On Friday Night That Should Be A No-brainer

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    Answer by SirWilliam
    …seems you’ve answered your own question.

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    One Response to “Tips For A More Comfortable Homelessness?”

    1. well if i evr go homeless then thanks in advance for the tips.. no really they are good tips..