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  • Q&A: Do you think dumpster diving is a sin?

    Question by Blah: Do you think dumpster diving is a sin?
    Sure it’s illegal in the worlds legal system, but who is it really hurting? All you’re doing is taking someones trash and using it rather than letting it clutter up an already filled trash dump. Don’t you think that God would be happy that you’re trying to keep Earth clean?

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    Answer by Shark

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    4 Responses to “Q&A: Do you think dumpster diving is a sin?”

    1. Heck no, these days it’s a survival technique,

      “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

    2. Yes. And it is a trend among the more rich in America to use the garbage of others to subsist, seriously.

    3. No. neither is ‘freeganism’. I figure, if we’re going to have ‘sin’ at all, we should fill it up with things that leave people injured in some way. Rape, molestation, murder, assault…fine. Make them all sins. But picking a used lamp out of the trash, dusting it off and using it at home ? That’s going to be a sin ? What’s next ? Wearing white after labor day ? Is that a sin ? How about forgetting to cover your mouth when you sneeze, is that a sin ? Leaving the toilet seat up, is that a sin ? I’m not even sure it’s illegal. If it is, it’s illegal in the same way that jay walking is illegal.