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  • What should happen after my character gets beat up?

    Question by Let’s go.>>ĞŔĔĔN: What should happen after my character gets beat up?
    I asked this question before, but I thought maybe I should clarify further…it’s not as long as it looks. ;P

    So far, I have finished one chapter. The main character, Omar, has been beaten up by a group of boys in school because he is Arab/Muslim. He is in highschool (I haven’t decided the exact age yet, but I’m thinking maybe 14 or 15?). The beating took place in the back yard of the school, during school hours, near the dumpsters. Nobody witnessed it, as it was hidden. He also got a swirly right before he was beat up. The setting of the whole story is in the USA.

    So, he is left unconcious. What I need help with is possibly what should happen after this or what injuries he should obtain. I’m not asking for anyone to write it for me, just a little push, because right now I have a lot of ideas and I don’t know which to choose.

    I’ve decided that Omar should possibly be found by a teacher during 7th period, and Omar is taken in an ambulance to the hospital. What I need to decide is what his injuries should be and how should he handle it. And also, what should happen while the teachers and EMS are there in school, finding him? How did the teacher find im? I think Omar should be beat up pretty badly, but nothing TOO serious. I was thinking a concussion, broken wrist, black eye, bloody nose, and some bruises would do. Do you think that would fit my description? He was kicked/smacked on the back of the head, the face, stomach, and back…basically all over.

    Also, I was wondering between should his big brother want to beat up the guys who did this to him. Or should he endure it on his own? I’ve decided Omar should lie about who did it, so there can be some more conflict later on in the story…but to lesser extents.

    I’m also not quite sure where my story is going to go. I know it’s a story of a boy who faces racism and getting picked on because of his ethnicity and religon. As of right now, I’m writing as I go and I have a few ideas in my head which is what I’m asking help for. Any help is much appreciated. I have so many ideas to choose from and I don’t know what to do! Please don’t take it that I’m asking you to come up with ideas or write it for me; I just want some help choosing out of the ideas I have. Thanks!
    Yeah, I was planning for him to have been beat up during 6th or 7th period.
    Also, I failed to mention that Omar slips in and out of consiousness when EMS are there, so he only heres bits and pieces of what’s oging on.
    Uh…no actually, I’m not asking anyone to write it for me. Did I not make it clear that I’m only asking for help out of the ideas I have? Asking for a little push is OK…I’m not asking for anyone to come up with things for me. No need to be so bitter either.
    If it helps, my character is shy and quiet, he doesn’t have many friends, and generally keeps to himself.
    It’s in first person, and I was thinking he could be slipping in and out of consiousness so he could vaguely sense the teacher..?
    Probably for young adult or older. definitely not kids. I’m not really thinking about that though
    by the way…sorry if it bothers anyone if I ask other people to answer my question? It’s not like I just leave a link…I put in time and effort to sincerely answer their question first and then I ask them to answer mine in return. I don’t see anything wrong with that?
    do you think this beat up scene sound realistic?

    Best answer:

    Answer by Meg M
    Well, considering that in Arabic culture men are taught to be proud, it wouldn’t make sense for him to tell anybody the truth about somebody getting the best of him.

    In fact, his father and brother may even look down on him for letting himself get beaten up like that. He probably won’t want to discuss it–not with friends, family, or school officials. So he wouldn’t necessarily lie–he would just omit the truth.

    Add your own answer in the comments!

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    25 Responses to “What should happen after my character gets beat up?”

    1. If Omar was beat up in the morning like before school or first period don’t you think its a bit weird that no one has found him until the ending period? I’de make it about 5th or 6th period that a lunch lady is taking out the trash after lunch and she finds him and calls a teacher or security. I think the description of his injuries are pretty good already so thats good. I think that Omar should lie about who beat him up and say something ridiculous like “I fell off the stairs during passing time and I got kicked while I was on the ground” or something like that. The Brother should notice something strange about it and will figure it out.

      Thats just what I think you should do.

    2. I can’t really think of anything else but i think what you explained is amazing and sounds like a really good book!!! Let me know when you publish it cause I will be the first one to buy a copy!!!I think the older brother should get involved with this though…and what if instead of a teacher finding him a janitor does when he is taking out the garbage since he was beat up by the dumpsters anyway and then the janitor tells a teacher about it. I can’t really think of anything else but i think you are on the right track. Hope i helped 🙂

    3. I think this event should set off other major events in his life, leading to a downward spiral where at the end of the book he becomes a better person because of it. Maybe because of the beating he begins to have sympathize with extreme Muslims and has thoughts/desires of attending terrorist training camps?

      His emotion afterward can be, either: Anger, fear, forgiveness, or a combination or all of them. First, fear of the people who did this and fear of further discrimination in society, and maybe even delusions that everyone is out to get him. Secondly, anger at the American society based on the fear and delusions. Thirdly, forgiveness when in the end he comes to realize things that change his life and makes him a better person.

      Just a thought. I usually don’t read these types of novel, but I’m sure this idea has been done before because 99.9% of ideas are not unique, but it’s the actual storylines and characters that make the story unique and original, and not the idea.

      Good luck.

    4. First, thank you I love your idea for my book name! Next um I think a girl should be involved (he-he). Like she finds him hurt and he’s injures are really bad maybe he could be in a coma! No because he’s the main character huh? ok so um he gets a head and leg and back injury!

    5. i think he should be found by the teacher when she is taking a group of students outside???? is that good?? and i think that the injury’s you listed are good! i think it would be cool if his brother was really mad but then omar was saying it was his fault, or something like that.

    6. so basically you have nothing. nothing written, just “Omar gets beat up.” hmmmm now what?
      you need help guuuurrrrrrrllllllll.

    7. It would be cool if the teachers had a part in the bullying. That would be a twist.

    8. I don’t see Omar as the vindictive type, so a self-avenging protagonist seems out of the question. Perhaps you can write about his psychological state after undergoing such torment and pain, and about a prejudiced community that encourages the victimization of minorities. The school is aware of Omar’s situation, and secretly allows the bullying to continue until he is one day found dead on school grounds.

    9. Ok, so you just contradicted yourself; you don’t want anyone to write it for you, yet you’re asking how your own character should handle a situation, what injuries he would obtain, and how other people ought to react. You need to THINK on your own; you’ll never finish any writing piece if you’re always going around looking for ideas.

      Do you really think that a couple bruises and a bloody nose would suffice to go to the hospital? Come on, now, are you kidding me? I can understand a broken wrist, but from what I can infer he got beat up pretty badly, meaning that it’s going to take a little more than a Hello-Kitty Band-Aid and a kiss from Mommy to make him feel better. He’s YOUR character. You need to ask YOURSELF how he will react to the situation.

    10. Ok, I like your ideas for the injuries. And the teacher found him on her way to the bathroom? And while EMS is there the bullies are behind them, gesturing warnings of what will happen if he tells the truth? And about his brother wanting to beat them up, it depends on his character if it should happen.

    11. The injuries sustained sound pretty good. Maybe give him a fractured rib. Maybe this particular teacher didn’t have a 7th period class and so was taking out his/her trash? Maybe it was the gym teacher out with his/her class and spotted him.

    12. Maybe he should have something dislocated instead of broken…shoulder knee, something like that.
      You should take the time to write out a character bio before you write more of the story so you can figure out how he should react to this. Decide what kind of personality he has and create some inter dialogue so you can get to know him before you write more about him.
      Become more familiar with him and you’ll find it easier to proceed with his story. What’s his history? What’s he like, dislike? Does he love? Does he hate?

    13. Sounds like this is going to be a very good story.

      Hmm, well since he’s shy and quiet It would be out of his character to handle it himself. I don’t know where your story is going so it’s hard for me to give you ideas. An idea that came to my mind was maybe he’s afraid of the boys beating him up again if he gets them in trouble so he tells the doctors and teachers he didn’t see the kids faces. This could lead to more taunting from them.

      As for the injuries I suggest doing a little google research. Look for articles of actual people getting jumped and write down injuries that followed.

      Hope I helped! Could you read the prologue to my story?

    14. Omar is quiet and shy. He is a loner, doesn’t have any friends, maybe only immigrated a few years ago and still has an accent, and most definitely speaks Arabic at home. Perhaps there are very few Arabic or Muslim students in his school, fueling his social isolation.
      What do you actually know about Arab or Muslim culture? If you don’t have first hand experience, you’ll need to do some research.

      I like the idea to have a janitor find Omar, and alert teachers, but also there has to be someone who doesn’t judge him harshly for being who he is? Maybe there is a girl who likes him?

      I agree that his brother and father might not be proud of him for getting beaten in a fight, but Omar will feel so isolated that he won’t tell them what really happened, he’ll vague up all the details, say he didn’t get a good look at who it was.

      I don’t think Omar would be drawn into radical Islam against America, because if he is at all aware of world events, he will know how much better he has it in America than in the Middle East.

      But ultimately, we can’t decide for you. If you still can’t decide after reading all these answers, then write several different versions, to see which one you like the best.

    15. Due to his age and his orientation, he probably wouldn’t even admit to being beaten. I think allowing him to face the problem on his own would help him to grow as a character.

    16. well first of all thanx for helping me with my question… now for ur’s … after omar gets beaten, like u said a teacher finds him and calls 911, the teacher should be stupid and like check omar himself and hurts him more? if ulike that….. i cant tell u what to write but i could help right? but i do like ur 2nd idea.. hope i helped..

    17. I think you should write out each of the thoughts floating in your head!
      I know it may sound like a lot of work, but if you do that, then you can know which sounds the best.
      I love writing, and I never make a plot like you’re supposed to. I always just write freely like you are doing, and that is actually really hard because you never know where your story is going, or really how your characters will end up.
      It’s tough!
      Anyways, deffinatly have Omar keep it a secret about who did it! That’s good.
      My suggestion to how the teacher should find him is … well, it’s going to be difficult doing that part. Is your book 1 person, 3rd omniscent or 3 limited? because if it’s 1st person and omar is unconscience we can’t know what the teacher is thinking at all.
      You might have to go ‘gossip girl” style and every chapter is a different person perspective.
      So the teachers perspective of find him..he finds him possibly on his way outside to do something sneaky like smoke, or maybe he saw the beat up happen from his classroom window. Therefore he’d know who did it, but he would keep quite because of unknown reasons you make up.

      I hope this helps

    18. Sound like a good story so far! umm…well because he goes missing a teacher could go and tell the office then some teachers go looking for him. because of the bullying sometimes he goes missing for a few periods (he hides in the bathroom and tries to cover up the bruises or something) but always comes back again so they doesn’t look very hard. After a while he still hasn’t turned up and one teacher gets really worried and goes to look for him. She/he finds him (where ever that is) and takes him to the medical room at school. some of his teachers are crowed around him as ambulance arrives and they start gossiping about him thinking he’s unconscious. Then you can add in the snatches of conversation. When he becomes conscious again (maybe when they are loading him into the ambulance) and he starts shoving the people out the way because he doesn’t want his mother to know about the bullying then he runs away someplace….

      Sorry i know its not very good, i came up with it one the spot but i hope it helped! 🙂

    19. I fine your story so far very creative and interesting. I think you should have his injuries be life threatening and have him change because of that. Then at the end as a cliff hanger you could have him find out that his life is not in danger. That way if you write another book/story you can have that as his problem.(whether or not he should go back to being who he was at first or staying who he is now.)