Question by TOUCH MY PIGTAILS AND DIE!: What would you do if you drove by Domino’s Pizza and saw your best friend >>>DUMPSTER DIVING<<
I would take a picture and drive off.

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Answer by Valerie ϟ
i would lmfao

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14 Responses to What would you do if you drove by Domino’s Pizza and saw your best friend >>>DUMPSTER DIVING<<<?

  1. courtney says:

    I would probably stop and see if they needed help.

  2. You Asked, I Answered says:

    I’d be like, ok that’s weird – why is my friend doing that, and drive off.

  3. เ l๏שє ย t๏ ♥♡♥ gѕω (5-9) says:

    i would be speechless

  4. Miss Delaney says:

    Pull over and asked whats up. Or join him.

  5. ᴄᴿᴬᴢy ᴄᴴᴵᴄᴷ says:


  6. Mdog says:

    I would die of laughter

  7. Pinkyfeather says:

    Ignore it and pop in for a Pizza

  8. The UK Goddess *Accalia* says:

    I would be already inside and ordering a pizza. Just leave her to it.

  9. Britni (ignorance is not bliss) says:

    Get a pizza and share it with my friend. Then maybe I’d dumpster-dive with her.

  10. asdf says:

    just hope they are drunk and start laughing

  11. <~You Give Me Butterflies~3 says:

    I’d be like Holy Shet!

  12. Hanna--Why u so obsessed wit me♥ says:

    ask wtf is wrong with her??

  13. ☆chillin☆ says:

    i would jump him

  14. Casey Jane ☼ says:

    A picture?!? I would film that.. and then towards the end I would zoom in on their face and yell their name so they looked right at the camera…

    Then drive off….