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  • Encounter with a homeless woman

    Over the weekend found an ENORMOUS amount of stuff.

    Crackers, Cookies, Energy Bars

    Pure liquid protein vitamins

    2 safes (yes safes (NEW), one weighed 50 pounds and the other one weighed 100 pounds)
    Children’s toys

    12 blow dryers (yes you read that right) 12 brand new unopened blow dryers. (One was given to a neighbor who has children and the rest will be doled out accordingly).

    Over a hundred craft magazines for crochet, quilt, knitting and sewing). Most of them had patterns you could make items with. Patterns are very expensive. These are priceless things to find.

    Jars of mayonnaise

    Shelving for homes

    Metal for recycling and scrap

    Dozen jars of Italian dressing

    Sadly, one of the places we find magazines locked their dumpster. We peeked in last night and found many magazines thrown in the trash. Very sad. (On a positive note, my 2 and 4 y/o neighbors LOVED the coloring books we gave them; they snatched them away from the Momma right away!).

    We‘ve been finding SO much stuff, my hubby and I are taking a break until next weekend. We’re both exhausted. I’m sore as hell and so is my hubby. My garage is full. The stuff has to be donated or sold. Nature abhors a vacuum so if we fill up too much, God will not send us more stuff.

    On the way home from grocery shopping today we saw a middle-aged white woman on the street with a sign that says hungry, please help.

    My god, that stabbed my heart like a knife. We made a U-turn and parked into a restaurant. I yelled at her to come over so we could buy her dinner. (It’s far easier for a woman to approach another woman). We went in and she ordered what she wanted to eat. I told her order whatever you want, nothing is off the table. She ordered and I paid.

    She told me she was working a part time job and literally was out of money. She was getting paid Tuesday and was just plain old hungry. She said one man gave her $ 5 and several people drove by and called her horrible names.

    Isn’t that sickening? Calling a poor middle-aged white female dirty names because she’s hungry? What have we come to?
    When she told me that I was infuriated. It literally makes my head wanna explode when she told me that.

    While her food was being prepared the manager came up to the counter for the next person. She said were you going to eat? I said oh no, I’m buying this lady dinner. I bent over and quietly said, this lady is homeless and hungry, you be nice to her. She said yes ma’am, I’ll make sure she is taken care of and has dessert.

    Here we go again, Americans are hurting and we’re spending billions of dollars overseas. I’m very sick of the whole thing.

    So instead of staying mad, I’m going to create a 72 hour backpack with various items for survival for a homeless man or woman.

    This is what I’ll put in it
    Bottled water
    Can of soda
    Some vitamin packs
    Toilet paper
    Sanitary pads for women
    Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and floss
    Peanut butter packs
    If you can think of anything else, please comment.

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