Beer and Wine
Large Bags of Chips (some not expired)
Kid’s toys
Fake flowers
Chinese bamboo good luck plants
Masks from Venice
Over a hundred Halloween cards, birthday, sympathy and other miscellaneous cards

These are the scores we found over this past weekend and last night. Last night we were behind a store and a food service employee came outside. My husband right away and said Hi and started engaging with this young man. He was real upfront, we’re dumpster divers and we give this stuff to the poor and for our prepping supplies.

The young man told my husband the nearby sporting goods stores throw away a lot of good stuff and he once found a new golf bag and some golf irons. Good for him.

This past weekend my husband was in the dumpster and it was an Oh S*** moment as the managers were walking out. My husband told the kid don’t throw any trash out here, we’re dumpster diving.

At first the manager thought we were scavenging cardboard. I said nope, my husband and I have a passion for dumpster diving and hate waste. I said the stuff you throw away we glean and give to those less fortunate. The manager listened to what I said and had no problem with it. He said if he gave it away, the store could be liable. I then said OK if we give it away, who are they going to sue? He was very cool about the entire thing and I told him that I’d been doing this for years. He left, no issue.

Some of the supplies (food) we gave the man who does the gardening in our yard. We’ve hired a local man, who is a middle aged man who has been hurt terribly by this depression. He’s hurting as many of us are. He was sent home with a care package.

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