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  • Help me with my rotten neighbors! The neighbors have set up their Pit Bull’s pen up against…?

    Question by jadini: Help me with my rotten neighbors! The neighbors have set up their Pit Bull’s pen up against…?
    …my house!
    I bought my home almost 3 years ago. My neighbors lived in their home prior to our moving here. This is an old neighborhood, most yards have no fencing. My boyfriend and I work full time, no kids and are in our mid 40’s, so no party’s going on. Essentially we’re pretty quiet. The neighbor’s house is about 12 feet away from our house. It is a shared side yard, with no fence. Since we moved in, we have left this side yard primarily for the neighbors to use, as this is where their main entry doorway is. We go over onto that side of the yard only for general maintenance of our house. The last year, they have progressively gotten into the habit of leaving their trash dumpster open, full of trash that isn’t bagged. Many times it’s pushed up against our house. Their cigarette butts litter the base of our house. Now they have set up a dog run for their pit bull against our house! Not like I can move it with a pit bull in it. Help!! Is a fence my only option??

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    Answer by inskin
    I do believe that is true… fences make good neighbors. Likely the halfway mark on that side between the homes it the property line. I would tell the dog is running up against your house and you would like him to move the dog into a pen in his backyard. If there is some animosity already I would ask a law enforcement person (a police officer) to approach them for you. Also the trash situation.

    If it gets ugly then I would let law enforcement enforce the propery laws for you and put up a 4′ chain link fence on that side to split the properties.

    They are infringing on your peace of mind and your land rights, your pursuit of happiness… I would reverse that quick with a couple of formal police complaints.

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    5 Responses to “Help me with my rotten neighbors! The neighbors have set up their Pit Bull’s pen up against…?”

    1. Sounds like they are trying to move it. By law you have rights, but seems like they are going to be a pain. You still have the law on your side and most states Pit bulls are against the law. Also this is your yard that you have paid your hard earned money for…get a fence and claim it back. They are not showing you any respect and it will get worse down the line. Check the laws in your area to see what they say about pit bulls. You shouldn’t feel in fear of them. Again you paid hard earned money for YOUR home Keep it YOUR home!

    2. There are two places to start with, one would be the county surveyors office and the county health office. The surveyors need to proof the property lines and the health inspector needs to inspect this run being so close to the house! It is almost certain they clean no doggy mess away and will become a health issue!

      The next problem that will arise, (I really hope it wont take this route) is the war that won’t end with your neighbors once you do this and be prepared to get a lawyer if the possibility arises needing a restraining order!

      Now once the surveyors are finished and you have the official property line marked by them, is to quickly put up a border fence that is extremely durable!

      Hope all goes well, GOOD LUCK!!!!!

    3. Call your municipal agency and file a complaint.

      They will send someone out to assess the situation and probably give them 15 days to clean up the mess.

    4. and that you do not want their dog run or their trash on your property, and that they need to remove it. Your next step is a legal action to get them to cease & desist. Then do the fence.

    5. If you need to get the property lines checked. Then give them written notice to remove the pen in like 30 days. but you might nto have to go that far since it is clearly your property since its aginst your house. You might have to get the police envolved since it is a pit bull. Most communities now have law aginst pitbulls being inside cities limits. We had a problem in our last neighborhood with their dogs using our lawn as a toilet. I called the city since the neighbors didnt care and they had to confine thier dogs to their yard or clean it up and yes i would be out there and had them a shovle and a bag. lol…

      Our new place has a lot better neighbors…the only problem is a stray cat…no crappy neighbors! YAY!!!