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  • what is your opinion on peta?

    Question by Pie: what is your opinion on peta?
    i personally loathe them to the death they make me sick ex:
    they kill on average 91% of the animals they “rescue”
    the building plans for they’re hq included $ 10,000 walk in freezer
    they operate roaming death vans that take animals out of yards and kill them which they then dump in dumpsters and fire-bomb research labs killing the animals they were trying to “save”
    Peta’s advertising campaign budgets are $ 25 million and they spend it on sexist sexually explicit ads(which are racist because they only use white women)and peta wants to eradicate pit-bulls

    how would you like to just come out of the fur store and have some asshole dump red paint on your $ 500 coat*

    so while your going about your day think about peta coming,killing you pets and never allowing you to eat meat,cheese,milk,dairy again

    p.s. im not some redneck who drives around in a tank destroying anything that moves
    and by reporting me that violates my right of freedom of speech and i may take legal action
    p.p.s. i love animals and if anyone tried to harm a pet i woul rip their head off
    * i do not support the fur trade nor am i a part of it nor do i own fur other than a family heirloom (taxidermy coon my great great grandpa killed 🙁
    and the dog an cat i own wich are treated like royalty

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    Answer by Reject187
    I am a huge animal person, and all the horrible stuff that happens to animals makes me sick. That being said, I friggin hate PETA because what they do doesn’t help animals at all. Animals are treated horribly in factory farms, but instead of lobbying Congress to change regulations like the Humane Society does, PETA just tells everyone to be vegan. Yeah, all 300 million Americans are going to quit eating meat just because those nut jobs say so? I don’t think so. Most of the stuff they do makes the animal welfare cause look bad, and it probably makes people who would have otherwise joined into help turn away from it.

    Yes I very much hate PETA too.

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    2 Responses to “what is your opinion on peta?”

    1. Im a animal loving liberal hippy type and I HATE PETA,

      So I was working as a horse drawn carragie driver in Chicago and one day this young girl comes up to me screaming about how I kill horses and leave them dead in the street. when I finally said lady your scarring my horse please calm down she did. then she tells me about how she has seen the proof ( waving a piece of paper) that we work our horses to death and just leave them dead on the street. so I ask her to show me the picture and sure enough its PETA pamphlet with a picture of a dead horse on Michigan Ave. I look at it and say hmm have you ever seen a car like that before… she says no… or that one have you ever seen a car like that one before … thats because those cars are from 1920.

      PETA is a scam to separate do gooders from their money

    2. Well I love animals but I think PETA takes it too seriously and does more bad then good without them knowing I suppose.

      Short Answer: I do not like them

      Holy cow… Have they ever heard of ecosystem balance? If everyone became Vegitarian, did you know we can die and more meat that we usually eat will reproduce too much therefore crowding the world?