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  • Simple Things You Can Do Today to Prevent Identity Theft

    (PRWEB) January 5, 2005

    * Know your rights. The Truth in Lending Act will limit consumer liability to $ 50 when the credit card is stolen or lost. And, most credit card companies waive the $ 50 charge as a customer service.

    Examine your credit card bills. Look at every line. Catch any discrepancy early, and REPORT them immediately. Keep very accurate records when reporting problems such as date of incident, who you are reporting it to: their name, address, phone number, Point of contact in the company you are talking to – their name, address, phone number, what they will be doing to correct the problem, when the problem will be corrected, and sections for you to take notes.

    Guard your credit card number and your Social Security number. Don’t ever carry your Social Security Card with you in your purse or wallet.

    Learn the pattern for when the bills are supposed to come to you from your credit card and lending institutions. If your credit has been stolen and the bills are now being re-directed to another address, it may be months before you would know about it.

    Shred old credit card receipts AND credit card bills.

    Keep an eye on your credit card when using it in stores and restaurants. Don’t let it out of your sight – ever.

    If you have become a Victim, take action immediately.

    Contact the following credit reporting agencies:

    # Experian: (888) 397-3742

    # Trans Union: (800) 680-7289

    # Equifax: (800) 525-6285

    Insist that the reporting agency place a “Fraud Alert” on your credit report.

    If anyone opens up an account in your name, you will

    be contacted by the credit card company and asked to verify.

    Document everything. File a police report. Set up an audit trail for what happened to you.

    Send copies of your police report to all credit card companies and credit reporting bureaus as verifiable proof that a crime happened.

    Contact the (Federal Trade Commission: (877) 438-4338.

    Dumpster Diving your own trash can. Look into whatever trash receptor you toss the garbage into that gets picked up by the trash collector.

    Look for any piece of paper that tells someone who you are, what you do, etc. Even “Junk” mail has identifiable information about you on the label. Don’t spend much time on this exercise, because you are “pretending” to be a crook who is trying to find out about you – that they can use to create a new Identity (yours).

    Over 900,000 people will have their identities stolen this year.

    Are YOU protected from the fastest growing white-collar crime in America? “DON’T BE A VICTIM.

    Invest in “IDENTITY THEFT PROTECTION” today!

    Click today

    Copyright Brad Henson, 2004, All Rights Reserved


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