Question by lynpin2004: where can i find good clean used carpet in grants pass oregon, need 1500 sq ft?
i’m working on a rental that was totally distroyed by the tenants. it took me 6 months to get rid of them and i have totally exhausted my checking and savings accounts trying to put it back together. the property itself was covered with blackberry bushes 7 feet high, and trash with broken glass everywhere. I took a 30 yard dumpster to haul all the trash, there was stench and dead rodents, and both the bathrooms floors were destroyed, one floor had mailing tape holding it together. there was a hole in the master bath floor all the way through, because the tenants were too lazy to buy a washer for the bath tub. They left vehicles behind as well, 3 cars, 1 motorhome and 1 trailer, all junk. the back door was destroyed and had to be tied shut by huge eye bolts they put in the frame of the bathroom. Thank you for your help.
If anyone can help, i would appreciate it

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Answer by Fossil
You poor bugger! As a fellow landlord, been there, done that! Here’s a link to your local freebie site.
You’ll find it helpful for all sorts of things. If you haven’t already got rid of the vehicles, you’ll probably find someone on the site willing to take them away for you! It may even be worthwhile to join other nearby FreeCycle sites to widen your search because Grants Pass only has 219 members. Good luck!
If you used an agent to manage those tenants, that agent may have a case to answer.

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One Response to Q&A: where can i find good clean used carpet in grants pass oregon, need 1500 sq ft?

  1. CMR2006 says:

    Try contacting lipperts or inkrote flooring, they may have some carpet that they are pulling out and may let you have for nothing or next to nothing.